Next Generation Apple TV to support Wireless headphones

By | September 23, 2015


There are still a few weeks before the launch of new Apple TV, but this doesn’t stop people from getting more information about the next generation Apple TV. According to the report of 9to5Mac, the new Apple TV will support wireless headphones.

Apple has extended its Bluetooth functionality from remote and controller to Audio devices, meaning now customers can pair their wireless headphones to Apple’s next generation TV. This new feature is very good for personal use, meaning one can watch the TV whole night without waking other people living in his house.

Wireless Audio support is not restricted to just headphones, user can also connect their speakers or some other sound system with Next Generation Apple TV. Bluetooth device has become very popular now a days, because it is good and comfortable. This device will also have night mode, which turns down the volume of everything except speech for the content you are watching.

The new Apple TV will also download new video screensavers regularly; this option keeps the look fresh. There is not much to know about the Apple TV right now, once the device comes, we’ll able to know more. This new generation Apple TV will also come with better hardware than the previous version.