Next Gen Apple TV to be available in early November

By | October 9, 2015


The next generation of Apple TV may take a bit more time than previously announced. Apple had announced that its revamped model of set top box would be available in October, but it looks like people have to wait some more days to get their hands on the new Apple TV.

According to reports of 9to5Mac, the fourth generation Apple TV will be available in November. This new Apple TV comes with A8 processor, a new integrated Siri remote control and dedicated app supports. The next generation Apple TV is believed to be company’s most anticipated product for your living room.

Pre-order for Apple TV will open in late October through Apple’s online store, but company will start shipping the product in November. The report also suggests that the new iPad Pro will be available in the store in early November.

This Apple TV is one of the most anticipated Apple products, because users are waiting for a legitimate upgrade since 2012, when the company added 1080 pixels supports. The new TV set top box from Apple comes with the app store and also have new operating system called as tvOS. The new remote will also come with touchpad and voice control Siri.