New Windows 8 app with Bing and Wikipedia, says Microsoft


What happens when Microsoft takes the Bing search engine and combines it with Wikipedia? You are about to get a new app for Windows 8 called Bing Wikipedia Browser very soon, According to the Microsoft. It is a brand new application in the Windows Store that offers you enhanced search content and capabilities recommendations.


Read this complete article to know more about this latest app set to launch by Microsoft, yet there is no news about the specific date of release. Let’s check it out,

Here are the features you will get with the Bing Wikipedia browser, added Microsoft

  • Share interesting topics with your friends
  • Flip through all images in an article in high resolution
  • Search and browse articles with comfort
  • Explore related topics with the bottom recommendation bar

Although we already have an official Wikipedia app especially for Windows 8, so what is the need of making this move from the Microsoft? As I think there must be some major difference compared to the app which is available to Windows Store. As stated,  the Bing Wikipedia Browser has a little extra features and a level of polish you would not find those with the official Wikipedia app.

We will be using Bing Wikipedia Browser to get to Wikipedia contents on our Surface 2 tablet going forward. We’re huge followers of how the application will reveal to you related people and topics using Bing, something you don’t get with the official Wikipedia application. We also favor the format of scrolling vertically to peruse the Wikipedia articles. A handful of buttons in the upper right hand corner provide for you quick access to particular features. You can browse the pictures in a section, see the content of the page, most loved the page and significantly more with those buttons.