New Robotics Playground being built in London



Robotics has evolved very much in past few years and now there are robots for various purposes. Robots come in different sizes and they are fast and stronger. Now robots have been used for various purposes like industrial purpose, they even play games and so on. It won’t be surprise when we will be able to see robots doing our work quite frequently.

So now robots are being introduced to the society. In London, a new robotics playground is being developed in London, reports TechTimes. The Morph (Mobile Reconfigurable Polyhedra) looks like a normal part of the playground, when it is resting, but this is not a normal part of the playground, as it comes with a collection of sensors, a constantly changing center of gravity and hydraulic cylinders and this Morph is also capable of moving around by itself.

The purpose of Morph is to provide safe and vibrant environment for the kids to play in the playground as well as it also acts as a basic introduction to robotics to the younger generations.


Interactive Architecture Lab has developed this Morph and is already planning to expand this and has plans for upgrading this to two more versions. This Interactive Architecture Lab is a part of Bartlett School of Architecture at University College London. First version of Morph is under testing in the public place, but the lab has already started working on other and more advanced version. For the second model, they are focusing on mobile frame size and in third model they will focus on wireless communication and internal technology.

The speed of Morph is quite slow and predictable, as it moves around by increasing and decreasing its hydraulic struts, so this movement also gives enough time to kids to change the direction and react to its movement.
Those balls like structures are actually sensors and they can be used to detect some activity on the Morph like if someone is trying to push or play on the morph. The Morph also comes with GPS navigation system, which helps it keeping itself in the specific play area. For more updates on the Morph visit official site of this project.