The new iPhone 8 is expected to be released at $1000 soon!


The biggest roll-out in this year is definitely going to be the upcoming iPhone 8. As we all know that Apple claims to “change everything” with every new version of the phone coming up, the harsh reality is that we can hardly find any changes in the new version. But this time, it is aiming for something big to bring a revolution and irrevocable change in the Apple product.

The phone screens are going to be bezel deprived, almost negligible. Though all of us are mostly used to seeing these screens in the new age phones like Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8, LG G6 and others, this is a completely new feature for the iPhone users.

iPhone 8

The price of the new iPhone 8 is expected to toll out at around $1,000 and above depending on the specifications. Though this price is huge, as expected from the Apple, the company is still expecting that there would be a rise in the demand against supply of the product when compared to various other models like Samsung Galaxy S8 which starts at $930 in the US.

The iPhone 8 will be rolling out with a new iOS 11 which is far beyond excellent. This new update is expected to bring enormous changes in the technology and would be distributed along with the new phones and updates are given to the older versions on phones. The ARKit toolkit would be used for creating Augmented Reality, which is expected to be far more amazing that the virtual reality.

IPhone 8 is most likely to enter the markets this September 12.