New Google Pay app now available on Play Store, combines Android Pay and Google Wallet


Google has announced that they are going to combine, Android Pay and Google Wallet app in a new Google Pay app in last month i.e. in the January month. Today, Google has made the updated Google Pay app available to download from the Play Store. Yes, the all new updated Google Pay app is now available on Play Store for your Android device. 

It’s time to say goodbye to the Google Wallet and Android Pay app as you can now do all the tasks of these two separate apps from one single app, Google Pay. The new Google Pay app comes with a decent user interface so anyone can easily try their hands-on to it. The app is brilliantly designed with simplicity and smooth UI to do the tasks quickly.

Google has planned something really good for the customers who are using Google products and their services. The giant will add all the Google based products so you can purchase them right through this app without having to deal with other apps.


In the near future, the new Google Pay app will also support the Google Chrome and Google Assistant. So yes, most of the websites will have the option to make their transactions using Google’s new service called Google Pay. No matter whether you want to purchase a product, or an app or a game or any other things, Google Pay will be there for you.

As you can see in the Screenshots, the app is separated with two sections called Home and Cards. Home tab shows recent payment activities. So whenever you tap on to the Home tab, you should see the recent payment’s activities easily. It will also show you nearby local stores and other useful information.

Talking about the Cards tab, it shows all your transaction related data including your credit card and debit card details, your gift cards, offers and much more.

Apart from this, Google Pay will also work for transit in different cities. Cities to get this option are Kiev, London, and Portland. The giant will soon populate this feature in more cities so more people can use their service to ease their routine tasks.

The app is like your very own assistant who would also send out regular tips and other useful information to protect your Google Pay app.

Apart from this, Google Pay app will also help you to fill out online forms so you can easily make transactions. Since the app doesn’t share your actual credit or debit card’s number, it is fully secured. The app has designed with one more extra layer of security which makes the Google Pay app even more secured.

If we talk about the future update, Google is planning to offer one more service within the Google Pay app in the next few months. With the new update, you will be able to request other users for money just like other digital payment apps. This feature will be introduced only in the United States and the UK initially. If you still want to use this app, it is still available on the separate Google Wallet app.

If you wan to know more about this app or just want to install it right away on a respective Android device, just head over to the official Google Play Store’s page and install the app right now from there.