10 new Gmail Features available on the updated Gmail app

By | April 27, 2018

Google has announced a brand new Gmail on this Wednesday. A new redesigned Google app brings a whole new User Interface with plenty of new features to the user. Google’s Gmail app has a whooping 1.04 Billion users around the globe. Just to offer more reliable service to the users, the giant has rolled out a new update to the Gmail app.

The updated Gmail app has a new user interface with plenty of features. The new update now lets you manage your inbox, you can even customise the inbox, can create new lists and much more with the new Google app.

According to official statement, Google is rolling out the Gmail update in phases. So it will take some time to reach out to your region. If you’ve already got the update, you can consider yourself a lucky person. Many of the Gmail users have already got the new updated Gmail app which brings all the much needed to features to the platform.

The new interface will take some time before you can make use of all the new features. The app brings a variety of new features with new UI and for that reason, you will require some time to learn how you can use the app like a pro. Many people have sent out their feedbacks regarding this update which makes the app’s User Interface more reliable.

Let’s find out all the newly introduced features on the Gmail app by Google. Here’s the list of features!

Features of an updated Gmail app 

1. Hover Actions

This is kind of an interesting feature on the Gmail app. According to this new feature, whenever you move your cursor to the gmail within the inbox, you would see a hover effect while taking a cursor to various options such as download, delete, mark as read etc. The effect will ensure you to click on to the right option.

2. Right Side Panel

The new Gmail app has a right side panel aligned vertically. According to this new feature, users will see a number of useful icons at the right side of the Gmail app while seeing a list of gmails. You can manage various tasks related to Google Calendar and more within the Gmail app. You don’t need to launch a new app or open a new tab to do various tasks related to other Google services. Instead, you can simply make use of the right side panel and can explore all the useful options from there.

3. Snooze Messages

During the working hours, Gmail opens up messages all the time again and again which requires your respond. In order to vanish all such messages for a particular time limit, Google has now introduced a new feature called Snoozing a message. You can simply make use of this feature to snooze the messages till the required time.

By selecting this Snooze message, Gmail makes all the messages go away and this way you can simply make use of this feature to stop such messages from interrupting you.

4. Smart Reply

Inbox users and Gmail users on the desktop will definitely going to like this new Smart Reply feature on the Gmail app. When you click on to the Reply button, Gmail will show you three different options. You can customise the email and the way you want to send the messages to replies with Smart Reply option.

5. Gmail Attachment Preview 

According to this new feature, users will be able to preview the attached files such as images before downloading them. Yes, you heard that right. The new update will now show you the previews of attached files within the existing gmail.

6. Gmail Nudge

Google will now introduce a new Nudge feature for the users. Google Nudge will let you see the messages to reply. The Nudge feature will now show you the messages which you have not opened or responded. You could see the message at the right corner of the inbox and this is how you can respond to a particular new message more quickly.

7. High Priority Notifications

Many of the Gmail users receive important gmails and information within the gmails they receive in the inbox. Google has now introduced the new High Priority Notifications to their Gmail app. This app lets you respond to the priorities to useful mails.

8. A brand new look

As mentioned earlier, Google has entirely changed the way how the Gmail interface look. The giant has introduced a brand new look to their Gmail app for both, Gmail for mobile and Gmail for desktop. There are plenty of noticeable differences you can figure out at the very first look of its interface.

There are plenty of additional features and sections added to the original User Interface which is the reason why you would be able to get responds more quickly and can send out responds faster.

9. Assistive unsubscribe tool

Gmail is a platform where most of the advertisers send you their advertising via gmail platform. The newly updated gmail now has a built-in Assistive unsubscribe tool. The tool itself learns how you interact with emails. And it will itself select the emails which need to be unsubscribed.

10. Offline Support – Upcoming

Google will also push a new Offline Support tool to their main Gmail application for desktop and mobile users. This tool will come as a built-in tool which doesn’t require any additional tool or extension from the Chrome web store. The app will work itself and lets you read out the emails without the need of Internet connectivity.

According to sources, Gmail will soon have native offline support for the emails which lets users explore and see the inbox and other emails without Internet connectivity. With this support, you can search, compose, reply, delete and archive upto 90 days of emails. Users would definitely going to like this new offline support feature which would let you explore pretty much everything offline.

So folks, these are all the newly introduced features packed inside the updated Gmail app by Google. All the new features are very useful which offers more productivity at user’s side. If you have still not receive the update, wait for a few more days. Since the giant has rolled out the update in phases, it will take some time.