New Apple Watch Series 3 Ad : Check out the new Apple Watch in Real World


Apple’s newly announced smart watch, Apple Watch Series 3 is winning hearts all over the world with its new LTE connectivity feature. As per the announcement, the new Apple Watch Series 3 will be available in different variants allowing users to choose whether to buy an LTE supported one or a just a normal watch. Today, the giant has released a promo of the new Apple Watch Series 3 and it looks just amazing in real world. 

Apple claims that this new generation smart watch is more powerful than any other wearable smart devices. The new Smart Watch brings a whole new world of entertainment right at your wrist. As you know, Apple has also announced that there will be a new Wireless Charging Case for AirPods, the entertainment world will come more closer to you with the integration of more Apple devices.

Apple Watch Series 3 has more powerful processor than any other watches offering more smoother User Interface to explore things. It syncs with all the Apple products and its services so you can take your entertainment anywhere you go. Since, it supports LTE connectivity, it works well even if your iPhone is not with you. You can still make voice calls right through the Watch. It has builtin mics and speakers so you can make hassle free voice calls right through your Watch.

If you are more curious to see the new Apple Watch live in real world, check out the very first ad of the all new, Apple Watch Series 3 from here and feel the real entertainment at your wrist.

Did you liked it? Well, as you can see you can easily use and connect the new Apple Watch Series 3 with the AirPods, listening to your songs will become more easy than ever. You will be able to operate a variety of things right from your Wrist with the help of this new generation smart watch, Apple Watch Series. As you can see in the ad, Apple’s new Smart Watch brings over 40 million tracks at your wrist for hours of entertainment while on the go wirelessly.

Apart from all the goods, earlier today, we have reported about the compatibility of the LTE support of this new Smart Watch in other countries. As per the officials, the LTE connectivity will not work outside the country. So, if you have purchased the new Apple Watch Series 3 in the United States, it will work only with the 4 major carriers networks. The watch will not give you LTE support outside the United States. So before making any moves to purchase this new Apple Smart Watch, you have to read about all the features and other details of the product well.

The pre-orders for the new Apple Watch Series 3 has already begun and you can order one now from the official Apple’s web store. The new Apple Watch Series 3 pricing starting from $329. You can find out more details about this from the below given official link of the Apple Watch Series 3.

Pre-order your Apple Watch Series 3