Netflix to spend over $8 Billion on content next year


Netflix has officially announced that they will spend over $8 Billion for producing new and fresh content in next year i.e. 2018 for the shows and other television series. Since we all know that the number of users of Netflix is increasing day by day, Netflix announced this bold strategy for the future. If we talk about the current year, the company is spending around $6 Billion and by saying this, they are going to add more $2 Billion for new contents including TV Shows, Movies and more. 

Netflix is not the only online streaming service provider available in the market. The company is getting tough competition from other giants like Amazon, Apple and Facebook. Yes, Facebook has also recently started their own Facebook Watch online streaming services for its Billion users. They can now get to explore more fresh contents like TV Shows, Reality Shows, Movies and more from the Facebook itself. So the competition is very tough in this arena and one has to come up with fresh content to make people stick to it.

The company said during the announcement, “We have a good head start, but our job is to improve Netflix as rapidly as possible … to stay ahead of the competition in the decades to come.”

Apart from this, the company has also said that they will bring a bunch of new movies for the people who are always looking for some gold time to spend without going to the theatre. Yes, Netflix will add upto 80 new movies to the platform next year, the company’s chief content officer has explained it well during the announcements.

Furthermore, the company has also come up with some accurate data report of its users and other information. The company has added over 5 Million new members to the platform in the third quarter of this current year which is a commendable move. Surpassingly, there are more International users than the home country in the list of new members. So Netflix has becoming more popular other than the United States. Netflix has 109 million subscribers compare to the previous quarter with 86 million.

Since Apple has recently announced its new generation Apple TV which supports 4K HDR contents, Netflix has started offering full support for HDR contents so the Apple TV users can explore more of the reality with 4K HDR content. The same giant has expanded its support for the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smartphone as well. So, Netflix is gradually expanding and improving its services for the new generation technology devices which is a good thing for everyone who uses Netflix and bought new devices.

The company is quite sure about the profits that they will gain by spending more money for new contents for the future. Since they have added millions of new users to the subscribers list, they are quite sure about adding more millions of subscriber during this current fourth quarter.

Netflix has even faced some issues with content providers in last month. Disney has also asked to remove the contents from Netflix as they are also coming up with their own streaming service in the coming months. However, the company is expected to gain more subscribers. As per the reports, Netflix will add more 6 Million subscribers in the last quarter to its platform.

Since Facebook Watch may give tough competition to Netflix’s original contents, Netflix is going to spend more on fresh content. We have reported that Facebook is going to spend $1 Billion for the fresh contents, it will also come up with some new TV Shows and Reality Shows to attract more people to its platform. This is eventually cut down the number of subscribers of Netflix if we talk about the future. If Netflix has good and fresh contents in terms of movies, TV Shows and other videos, it will definitely attract more users to its platform in future.