Netflix now available on Oculus Virtual Reality App Store



On Thursday, Netflix announced that it is going to launch a virtual reality app for Oculus Virtual reality app store. Today, the company said that its shows will be in 2D, but there is chance for 3D programming in the future. Oculus has announced about this progress at Oculus Connect 2 Conference and according to the company user can download the Netflix app on currently existed Oculus hardware.

With this new announcement, Netflix becomes the first streaming service provider, which will provide content for VR headset, where others streaming services like Hulu, TiVo, Vimeo and Twitch to join it in near future. The newly launched 360 degree videos of Facebook will also be compatible to this VR headset.

The streaming service provider has shown this new app at the Oculus Connect 2, which is currently available in Oculus Virtual Reality app store. This app allows the users to watch the VR content by creating a Virtual living room. You can navigate and select the content by clicking on the side of the Samsung Gear VR headset.

John Carmack, the Chief Technology Officer at Oculus said, “It was very rewarding to be able to do this work right before Oculus Connect and make it available to all of our users in such a short timeframe, plus, I got to watch the entire season of Daredevil from the comfort of my virtual couch. Because testing, of course.”