Netflix for Mobile launches 30-second preview videos


Netflix’s world’s leading online tv streaming platform has added a new 30-second preview videos as stories for mobile users. The giant has added Snapchat and Instagram-like stories to the Netflix’s mobile platform. Since Netflix has over 50% of its users on mobile platforms, the giant has pushed this update to the mobile users. 

The new 30-second previews of videos look much like Stories as they come with circular thumbnail. The new thumbnail 30-second videos are listed as slideshow. Just like the Snapchat and Instagram’s stories feature, users will be able to preview the video just by tapping on the thumbnail’s icon. Just tap on the screen to preview the video or swipe on the display to move on to the next preview video within the app. You can also add the preview to watch later.

The new 30-second preview or the Stories feature is rolled out for the iOS users. The feature is now available for the users of iOS devices and it will soon be released for the Android users. As per the officials, the stories feature will be “coming soon to Android.”

This is nothing but a new addition to Netflix’s own content-discovery toolkit. This is for the viewers are always looking for something new to explore on the platform. You can get a previews of the contents more easily.

Netflix has already showcased their new venture of adding the 30-second video previews to the mobile platform at Netflix Lab Days technology showcase event. The giant has this feature on their web app and the TV app. By adding this new feature to the mobile app, the users will be more specific about the contents they want to explore.

The company has explained everything on their official blogpost. As per their statement, “Years of testing has made it clear that video previews help our members browse less and discover new content more quickly. With the launch of mobile previews, we are bringing a video browse experience to your mobile phone in a fun and mobile-optimized way.”

Netflix’s subscribers has been increasing rapidly and the giant is currently on the top position of this industry. The company has $150 Billion market cap which makes it one of the most powerful online streaming app of the current period. Netflix has added over 7.41 million new subscribers in the first quarter of this current year. The number will be increasing day by day as Netflix has decided to spend more millions on creating fresh contents for the subscribers. They will also come up with an attractive plans to attract new subscribers.

Netflix has currently over 125 Million of subscribers around the world. The company has also released that market-share and other information recently. We would get to see more of such new features in the coming days.