Netflix brings ease of communication through WhatsApp


Netflix has teamed up with WhatsApp Messenger to communicate with its customers in India. Yes, both the giants are merged up for better communication through popular Messaging app, WhatsApp. Since, WhatsApp has a huge number of its users in India, Netflix will start communicating with the customers or we can say the subscribers through WhatsApp Messenger. 

WhatsApp has over a Billion daily active users over the globe. In fact, many Businesses and other giants have turned up to WhatsApp for communicating with their customers. With this keep in mind, the giant, Netflix has also teamed up with WhatsApp to provide an easy of communication with its customers.

People are actively using WhatsApp and they will love this new venture of Netflix. They can easily get their queries solved out and can make better place for communicating with the customers. This teaming up is done with an unofficial way as the companies have not declared anything about it yet.

WhatsApp has been updating with a bunch of new and extraordinary features for a long time. The giant has recently introduced its new WhatsApp for Business version for the enterprises to make communications with their customers. This shows how WhatsApp is improving and gaining support from the customers and from the business firms.

If we talk about the recent move by Netflix, the company has started communicating with their customers via WhatsApp. The giant will send profile related messages and other informative details on the WhatsApp account of its customers. The company will also send some suggestions if needed through WhatsApp Messenger.

Many WhatsApp users in India have confirmed this new move by Netflix as they have shared some information related this from their official Twitter handles. You can follow some threads given below in order to see how this new Netflix feature will work on the WhatsApp Messenger.

Users of Netflix and WhatsApp will receive a notification regarding this service. You have to confirm it first in order to start using this service in the future. Once you confirm or opt out this service, Netflix will send you a message on your WhatsApp number asking you to save the contact to your contacts list. This way you can easily handle communications.

Initially, Netflix has started this service with one-way traffic, which means only Netflix will send you notifications and messages related to this service. You will not be able to send and chat to Netflix’s executives. If you send a message to Netflix, you will be greeted with a message saying we can’t chat right now. Since the service is just started, both the giants will make it two-way traffic so customers will also chat with the Netflix’s team if they want to. You can read out more about this one-way traffic service from the following tweet.

Netflix is not widely used in the Asian countries. This service will not make wonders to the customers as only Netflix will send you the messages related new items and other announcement, you will not be able to use it to chat out directly. We are not sure what will be the future update by Netflix for the customers. It seems like both the companies are cooking something delicious and this information related messages is just a show off.

What do you guys think about Netflix’s new move? Have you already got the Notification? Will you be using this service in future? Do share your thoughts on this. If you have any feedbacks to share, drop us into the comments section given below this post. We would like you to interact with you in future. For more updates, stay tuned with us!