Netflix added HDR Support for iPhone X and iPad Pro


Apple has changed everything in the technology world with the recent announcement of its new iPhones along with the new generation of Apple TV with 4K HDR support and of course, a new Apple Watch Series 3 which now supports Cellular connectivity. It brings a new Face ID, facial recognition feature as well. So, you can change your perception of using a smartphone with the new iPhone X. Just to add more spice to your entertainment, Netflix has recently updated their app which now lets you play HDR videos as well. 

Yes, Netflix’s new update now supports HDR videos for iPhone X and iPad Pro. So with this new update of the Netflix app, you will be able to watch your favourite Movies and TV Shows with high dynamic range on iPad Pro with 10.5-inch and 2017 12.9-inch and the upcoming new iPhone X.

As you know, recently, Apple has released a couple of updates for the new devices with iOS 11 for iOS devices and the new watchOS4 for the Apple Smart Watch. So you can easily get your Apple products upgraded with this new OSs. The new iOS 11 brings a bunch of new features to the devices which makes sense to update your older iOS with this new latest update. It is now available for over 20 different iOS devices, so you can upgrade it right now.

The new Netflix version 9.37.0 is designed for the new iOS 11. Of course, it brings HDR support for the devices, however you have to be subscribed with the top-tier subscription to the service. The same Netflix has recently updated their HDR support for the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smartphone and Sony’s devices. So if you have been using the top-tier subscription of the Netflix, then just update your Netflix app and you will be able to watch everything with HDR support.

If we talk about the other smartphones, there are a bunch of new smartphones which also comes with the support of HDR contents. Making it available for the newly launched iOS devices, Netflix has decided to upgrade their iOS app with HDR support as well.

If we talk about the HDR supporting devices, it is currently available on the devices like LG V30, Sony Xperia XZ Premium, LG G6, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. Apart from the smartphones, Tablets are also supporting HDR Support, iPad Pro -2nd generation with 10.5-inch and 2017 12.9-inch also comes with HDR support. So you can feel the reality while watching your favourite entertainment channels or movies through Netflix on any of the above mentioned devices with HDR contents.

Just to recall the requirements, Netflix requires a good high speed Internet connection with speed upto 25 MBPS to stream out the videos in full HD content or HDR content. If you have poor Internet connection, you will not be able to watch things with 4K HDR resolution. You can still make use of this feature, however it will be interrupted between the showtime due to low internet speed.

For more information, head over to the official update link of the Netflix application now.

Netflix version 9.37.0 for iOS