Nest’s Thermostat E has many new features at Cheaper Price

By | August 31, 2017

Nest has debuted its brand new thermostat, every day. The Nest has been the first innovative model as the product got introduced around 6 years ago, back in 2011. The Nest Thermostat E has many features and most of them are the same of a regular Thermostat. However, the Thermostat E is much cheaper and is housed with a unique and elevated design. Instead of having a glossy ring and a bright screen in the middle, this new Thermostat E looks like all the other regular Thermostats. It is a bit plain, dull and looks like a relatively white puck.

With this new Thermostat E, Nest is trying to make this version appealing to a particular bunch of crowd. The design of this thermostat has been made in a way that the users can simply buy it and forget while it has all the benefits coming with intelligence. To make this particular Thermostat E forgettable, the Nest has concealed the display behind a glass which blocks the light that is coming through the glass. Instead of having a detailed interface, you can see big numbers that shine through the ring showing the temperature that has been set. What are you looking at? If you’re one of those who wants to buy a thermostat, I think it’s high time you go through them.