nCash (Nucleus Vision) Price Prediction for 2018


nCash is a symbol or we can say an icon of the newly launched cryptocurrency called Nucleus Vision. The nCash started making headlines as it is having a unique feature in the field of Cryptocurrencies. For the very same reason, thousands of people are now converting themselves to this new currency. The pricing of this Crypto is not punctual and for that here’s the price prediction of this currency for 2018. 

nCash comes with a unique feature which allows the users to go for shopping on various stores and the consumers will earn rewards as credits. They will even offer nCash token as rewards and you can simply exchange this tokens for purchasing various things from different shopping stores. In the coming future, more people will start using this currency to shop and to earn more rewards at the same time, it will also grow its own pricing in the Cryptocurrency field.

nCash gets listed on the Cryptocurrency on 26th February, a couple of weeks ago. The nCash currency is currently under 1000 Cryptocurrency. Since it’s a unique one it shows ups and downs in the market since it was made available in real world.

Since the consumers are getting tokens as rewards with the shopping, it has been cancelled as they got huge response and they couldn’t fill out the demands of the consumers. They stopped their pre-sale token for the very same reason.

If we talk about investing with this currency, there are rumors that Nucleus Vision will be available for trade exchange on biggest cryptocurrency portal Binance. Since they offer great discounts as pre-sale tokens and many other tokens, many retails shopping will acquire this currency and will start exchanging it with goods and other things.

Interestingly, everything will be stored online and the transactions made with this Cryptocurrency and other tokens. So you don’t have to worry about your data and other information regarding your rewards and pricing of the nCash.

Being a new and innovative Cryptocurrency, there are people who are spreading wrong news and information regarding the currency. For the very same reason, the CEO of nCash warns the investors to stay away from such fake news and rumors about this currency. He has also added that, they will soon come up with more information and updates regarding this currency in the coming days.

Here’s the price prediction of this nCash currency for this current year. Find out the chart right now!

Year 2018 Price Prediction
April 2018 $1 USD
August 2018 $3.2 USD
December 2018 $5.2 USD


This is the predicted pricing for this new Crypto called nCash (Nucleus Vision.) If you want to know more about this currency, following tablet will give you more information about this currency. Source

Cryptocurrency Name Nucleus Vision
Ticker symbol nCash
Technology Telecom Protocol Blockchain
Maximum Supply 10,000,000,000 NCASH
Year of Introduction 2013
Coinmaketcap listing 26 February 2018
Official website
Exchange Binance
Wallet nCash Wallet