How to mute individual message threads on iOS 8


iOS 8 brings a several new features to the stock messages app. Through iOS 8 it is possible to mute the message threads group or individual messages without bringing your old notifications. If you are not aware of this then simply follow this article which provides you the information about how to mute individual message threads in iOS 8. Follow the steps given below

Steps to mute individual message threads on iOS 8

  • Initially you need to open the Message application on the device which is running on the iOS 8 and higher.
  • Now you tap on the message thread which you like to mute.
  • It can be either a Group message or individual message which mean conversation with only one person.
  • Now tap on the Details button which is located at the right hand upper corner.
  • Under details turn the don’t disturb toggle to the on position.
  • Now you can see the Half moon icon next to the threads that you have silenced.
  • That’s it you are done.




Now you won’t receive any further notification or message from that message thread. Unlike the leaving groups feature, the Do Not Disturb feature appears to work regardless of whether or not they are sending regular text messages or iMessages.