Mozilla launches new fund to make Internet Secure


In an interesting move, Mozilla has announced a new fund to help secure the internet. The new fund is named as SOS (Secure Open Source) fund and it will work towards securing the open source code. Initially, the fund has been launched with an amount of $500,000 from Mozilla’s Open Source Support Platform.

Mozilla foundation has also requested the educational and governmental organisations to join them in their bid to make the internet secure. Chris Riley from Mozilla wrote that the fund is targeted to help a lot and the beneficiaries should come forward to pay for it and help make things more secure.

The fund will work with the security firms and audit their project codes in the initial stage and then keep a track on the project codes with the help of the people responsible for managing the projects. Talking about the pilot phase, the company stated that it has worked on 3 projects (phpmyadmin, PCRE and libjpeg-turbo) and fixed over 43 bugs in the first test. Also, it was conducted with the help of two security firms including NCC Group and Cure53.

Mozilla has opened its platform for the developers and they can submit their code for security audits. The main condition to be eligible for it is that the code should be actively maintained and open source.