Move apps or games to an SD card in Windows Phone 8.1



Generally a game requires a bit more memory compared to any app, earlier in Windows Phone 8 you are restricted to install app and games in SD card but with Windows Phone 8.1 you can change this setting to SD card. Also if you have just updated your device to Windows 8.1 and running out of memory and without removing any app or game want to move them to the SD card, then with a few taps you can move things from to your SD card from your phone’s internal storage. In the process freeing up your phone’s internal memory. You can also set it up so that new music, videos, podcasts, photos, apps and downloads automatically get stored in either your phone or SD card.

How to move apps or games to an SD card in Windows Phone 8.1

Follow the step-by step-guide on your Windows Phone 8.1 to free up some space from your phone without removing anything. This feature is only available with Windows Phone 8.1, so first upgrade your phone to avail this feature.


  • From the start menu, just swipe left to go to the app list
  • Scroll down to the ‘S‘ section to get an app called ‘Storage Sense’ and open it.
  • Tap phone
  • Select a category (music, podcasts, videos, apps + games, photos)
  • Select the app, you can select as many you want at a time to move.
  • Tap ‘move to SD
  • It will take few seconds to transfer data to the SD card, now your app will now be moved from the phone to the SD card.

However, if you now want to install apps, games , pictures directly to the SD card, then follow few more steps to go,

Install apps, games and more directly to the SD card


  • Swipe left on the start screen to enter into the app list.
  • Scroll down and open Storage sense.
  • You’ll see four different options to choose from (apps, photos, downloads and media)
  • Tap phone for the category you want to change and then select SD card.

Whoa! Now you don’t have to micromanage your apps when they come in. Share it and enjoy.