Motion Stills for Android now available on Play Store


Last year, Google had introduced its Motion Stills application exclusively for iOS users. According to this app, users can record a video and this app will stabilize it and gives users a perfect GIF like image. The GIFs create by this app can be shared instantly within the app or by sending out the SMS. Now, Google has released the same Motion Stills app for Android users. Yes, if you own an Android based smartphone, this new Motion Stills app is now available on Play Store for Android users around the world. 

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The app serves a decent User Interface which can be used by anyone easily. You can not insert an existing video clips to this app, however you can use this app to create up to 1 minute of time lapse video within the app. This time lapse video of 1 minute will be called Fast Forwards while the three seconds GIFs calls Still Motions if you use and create it within the newly released Motion Stills application on a respective Android smartphones.

Fast Forwards and Motion Stills can be stabilized in real-time only. You can eliminate it once the clip is finished if it doesn’t needed. Google will create a perfect time-lapse by using its algorithm and with that, it will give you a sharable low-graphic video or GIFs. Using this app is pretty simple in which you just need to install the app and launch it within the apps menu. You’d see a record button on the main home page of this app. Just hit the Record button and the app will itself start recording the video in real time for you. Once you are done, the app will show you a smooth video recorded by the Motion Stills application.

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In order to view the Motion Stills which you have created using this app, just swipe up and in the Viewfinder you can see it. You can share it with your friends easily by tapping on the Share button. Of course, you will see an option to save it either as GIFs or a Short Video. If you swipe right to the Motion Stills, it will directly added on your Timeline. So it’s a good way to make things sorted out quickly.

Motion Stills application is available to download for all the Android users and you can install the app from the official Google Play Store app from your Android smartphone. The app is now live and is available for absolutely free of cost. So give it a try and start sharing your experiences by using this app on your own Android smartphone.

Install Motion Stills on Android from Play Store