MIT creates 3DGP – a new 3D printing technology


3D printing technology is growing with leaps and bounds, the versatility of this technology is incomparable. By using 3D printing technology we can print medicines and drugs, another identical 3D printer, a guitar, a working gun, a camera lens, hanging light and much more. Very soon, 3D printing would be the primary technology for manufacturing innovative technology in the world.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) initially found that by using plastic we can create amazing products via 3D printing, but recently MIT has found that even by using glass we can create anything with 3D printing.

This new technique is called as 3DGP, it works in a similar way as compared to the conventional plastic 3D printing, the only difference is in the material used. MIT’s Media Lab have been working in a school with the Mechanical Engineering Department, Wyss Institute and MIT’s glass lab has jointly created this new technology.

3D Glass Printing Technology

This new technology uses a molten form of the glass material, later it layers by adjusting and changing the thickness of the print. This new 3DGP technology contains two heated chambers loaded on one another. The upper chamber is set to heat up to 1900-degree F to work as a “Kiln Cartridge” whereas the lower chamber heats and cool downs to soften the glass material.

The MIT team says that it all works together to create the “first of its kind optically transparent glass printing” that can be used in “numerous potential applications.”

Lets keep imagining about the unusual materials which can be useful for 3D printer to print some amazing products.