Microsoft’s Snip lets you create stories with screenshots


On Thursday, Microsoft introduced an app called Snip that provides a new way to create stories with screenshots. Microsoft Snip is a sole app that allows you to record your voice and sketch your own screen. Microsoft is finally coming up with something new to make the screenshots more appealing.

Microsoft’s Snip

Microsoft’s Snip is a featherweight Windows app, which floats at the top of your screen so that you can easily use it and at the same time you can browse or work with other apps. Snip app lets you to capture your current screen, either an image from your webcam or your creation of a new whiteboard image sketched with a pen tool.

Microsoft’s Snip is not restricted only to images and sketching but also comes with an in-built recording feature that lets you to add voice recordings as you annotate. The captured recordings are converted into video files and it also allows you to share those files via email, link or in an embedded format hosted by Microsoft.

Microsoft’s snip is astoundingly clean and user-friendly in spite of its beta label. Every Windows User might have hated the screenshot capturing on Windows devices because of its delayed response. As a result, Snip solves this problem to an extent and offers new useful features that is added in the app. Creating a perfect demo/ story/ explaining about something or highlighting on a specific part of an image has become much more easier with this app as it lets you record your voice simultaneously when you’re annotating.


Microsoft’s snip is still an early version but the interesting part is to see, how far Microsoft will take this app in the future. Microsoft is planning to release this app very soon and canvassing feedback from users to improve it.