Microsoft to launch Surface Pro 3 next week : Leaked Report


According to the latest leaked report on Wednesday, the software giant is all set to launch Surface Pro 3 tablet soon. The most evident report is Microsoft’s briefing of a Surface event anticipated for May 20, which will be webcast live. The announcement was shared on Microsoft’s official website Wednesday.


Some have figured out that the company may introduce a smaller, 8-inch display version of the Surface — a Surface “mini” — as well as an update to its existing Surface Pro, a leaked device that people are calling the “Surface Pro 3.”

Adding more to the speculation, text specially mentioning the “Surface Pro 3” displayed on a Microsoft support site for the Windows 8.1 update. The text, which added “adds support to the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 camera,” was trapped by tech website Neowin.

The text is no more available on the Microsoft’s support site, but I guess it was enough to let us know that Surface Pro 3 is all set come next week.

Surface Pro 3

a Microsoft representative later told Microsoft-oriented site WinBeta that the text was a typo. “A older version of the KB [knowledge Base] article incorporated a typo … To keep away from any confusion, we have updated the KB article to revise the typo and better bring the information as planned,” said the spokesperson.

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