Microsoft to open a UK retail store in London


Microsoft is reportedly planning to expand its retail stores. The company has already started the retail stores in countries like the United States, Australia and Canada, now they are planning to open a new retail store in London, as per the reports. In order to do so, the company is currently in talks with property investment companies and other retailers for the same.

According to the reports, the new Microsoft retail store would be based upon store within store, which means a larger part of the store will be hand over to another company and this way they will recover the money spend on the actual store.

Oxford Circus is a very popular shopping venue which is situated at the heart of London, the company is planning to open the store somewhere around here so it will get more eyeballs and hence the people can easily get their products from there while shopping for other things.

Furthermore, on the agreement for the new property, Microsoft may deal for 10 years lease to the original proprietor of this building,United Colours of Benetton. The contract for the lease of this property is still not signed and hence we can’t consider that the company is going to launch the retail store here only. If the deal somehow falls apart, they may acquire the building somewhere else, but in London only.

Currently, Microsoft is happily running Microsoft Retail Stores in New York City and Sydney City and they are looking for the same to go with the new retail store in London.

If we talk about the past, Microsoft have been trying hard to establish its new retail store in the United Kingdom for years. The company was in talk to acquire the same building for the retail shore in the year 2013, however the deal went not well and for the same reason, they are back again to occupy the space to open a new retail store in the heart of the London city.

If this new deal of acquiring a building for the Microsoft Retail Store done, this would be the very first Microsoft Retail Store in the entire UK and Europe. The company has its stores in Canada and Puerto Rico as well. Slowly we would get to see the same Microsoft Retail stores in a few Asian countries, however there is no any confirmation about the officials yet. But we could expect that the giant may come up with such retail stores in more markets of the world.

The Store-within-store is a good gesture of marketing where more stores can start their retail business and this way they can invest partially and can get benefits from the same. There are many big brands in the United States and other countries are running with the same Business model and they all are happily doing their Business. Microsoft is aiming for the same with their new project of opening a Microsoft Retail Store in London.

Let’s see where this deal goes in the future. We people are always excited to welcome such things and this will definitely be a good move by the Microsoft for the common people of the United Kingdom.