Microsoft launches Xbox One in China with Struggle


The tech giant Microsoft has finally launched the Xbox One in China. It is becomes the first Western game console to be sold legally in that country in 14 years. But according to some of the reports which claims that the country will have to approve every Xbox One game for  the sale. But at the present time there are just 10 games are available for the Xbox One’s Console in the Chinese launch, and most of them don’t have a lot of violent content.


Whereas on the other side the software giant Microsoft has said that they are working  on the games and they will bring 70 more games especially for the Xbox One Chinese audience,  and that will also including the titles in the Halo and Killer Instinct franchise that definitely have violent visuals. The WPDang reports has said that the Microsoft is selling a limited edition “China Day One” version of the Xbox One which mainly consist the Kinect sensor along with the several free games, including Kinect Sports Rivals, Forza Motorsport 5, Powerstar Golf and Neverwinter Online.

Few days before Microsoft has launched its Xbox One in other Asian countries, such as India, Japan. In India they are selling via only, the main reason behind that, in the Asian Countries, people are liked Sony PlayStation as compared to Xbox of Microsoft.