Microsoft Launches Free Office Apps for Apple iPhone and iPad


The Software giant Microsoft has releasing the new versions of its most popular software Office apps for the Apple  iPhones and iPads. They also working on new versions for Android tablets and phones, at present they are not yet ready for general release.

The Michael Atella director of Microsoft’s Office apps product management has said that :

[quote]As more workers use smartphones and tablets along with – or instead of – desktop PCs, they want to have the same capabilities on all their devices.[/quote]


The tech giant Microsoft has been working for the last two years to build new web-based versions of its software and apps which can be easily used on the much smaller screens of mobile devices, but it seem  very much familiar to people who are also uses the traditional desktop tools. This new free and latest version of Microsoft Office is also includes the Word, Excel and PowerPoint,  which are replace the limited iPhone version and also upgrades the more powerful set of apps which can be released by the Microsoft for the iPad tablets in the month of March, and that has been already downloaded 40 million times.

The older iPhone version also allowed the users to view the  files and make simple editing changes, but with the help of this new apps they will e resemble the iPad versions and found  number of new features in this latest Office software which were  used on desktop computers. And unlike the earlier iPad versions, the new apps doesn’t require any subscription to create new files or documents. And the business user can buy the Office 365 subscription according to there need and uses.