Microsoft launched Project Spark for Xbox One and Windows


Project Spark is the Microsoft’s innovative program, which is the combination of both game and game creation software for the Xbox gaming console and Windows PCs.Here players can ¬†choose their own adventures as they can play Crossroads mode, also can create deeper games and even can play the games created by others. User can share their creations with others and allows multi-player gaming and creation.


Today, Microsoft has announced that Project Spark is now available online and retail stores for both PC and Xbox One. Project Spark is free to download and it is available in the Windows Store or Xbox Store for download. Add-on content can be unlocked using the in-game credits which are earned during the play, or by purchasing the tokens to get the add-ons immediately. Fans will now see the host of the new content available on the launch day including the adventure mode, sci-fi skin, creation enhancements, champion features and multiplayer mode to inspire the new gameplay.

Addition to this, there is a starter pack retail disc at $39.99 which comes with the additional content. Those who are new to Project Spark might want to check the Starter Pack retail disc which includes the $85 worth downloadable content for $39.99. The starter pack includes the project spark base game download, “First Contact” sci-fi theme pack, “Champions Quest : Void storm” adventure, “Massive World builders pack” expansion, “Arctic Glaciers” winter landscape, “Yeti’s Rage” content pack and 1 month “Spark premium” membership.

Unfortunately, Xbox 360 users cannot get the fun with the Project Spark. You can download it from the below link.

Download Project Spark for Xbox One