Microsoft acquires BlueStripe, a Software Startup for amount unknown


On Thursday, Microsoft acquired BlueStripe Software, a startup that designs software to track and troubleshoot business applications running across various operating systems and data centers, for an amount undisclosed.

Founded in 2007, BlueStripe’s solution helps to map, monitor and troubleshoot different applications across various operating systems and multiple data center and cloud environments. Mike Neil, general manager of the Redmond stated, ” BlueStripe’s solution helps map, monitor and troubleshoot distributed applications across heterogeneous operating system and multiple datacenter and cloud environments.” He also added, “BlueStripe is commonly used today by customers to extend the value of the Microsoft System Center by adding application-aware infrastructure performance monitoring.”

The company’s enterprise class solution allows IT professionals to move from tracking the IT at the infrastructure to viewing more in-depth at the transactional level applications. It identifies issues at the earlier stage and thereby resolving early. It also helps in updating applications to recent versions of platforms and moving to the cloud. Many companies including Microsoft run to the cloud, as the startup’s recent rise in vibrant financials can confirm. To be ahead in the market, the companies are dividing out of their own data centers and adopting hybrid and multicloud infrastructures to process, evaluate and save more business data.

“Applications and data are being spread across on-premises datacenters and public, private and hosted clouds as businesses explore agile cloud development environments and other non-traditional software and service delivery models,” said Neil. He also noted, “While IT teams may not operate all of the infrastructure where the applications run, they still require visibility and the ability to manage these applications in order to support and protect the business.”

Following the acquisition, Microsoft plans to bring the startup’s capabilities into its own IT management software ecosystem, particularly System Center and Operations Management Suite. With regard to the acquisition, BlueStripe’s homepage states “customers will see BlueStripe’s technology play an even more important role as new data center and cloud solutions come to market.”

The startup’s co-founders Chris Neal and Vic Nyman wrote, “their goal in starting the company was to give IT Operations teams a way to discover, map and monitor their complex application infrastructure. The need for real-time accurate visibility into the structure and performance of applications has increased greatly, requiring visibility across the Data Center and in the Cloud.”

BlueStripe’s employees will soon become Microsoft’s and the company’s solution will become a core of Microsoft’s management products and services like System Center and Operations Management Suite (OMS). Microsoft will start working on the updates and the BlueStripe will discontinue its services soon. However, Microsoft will carry on to support the prevailing BlueStripe customers in the course of time.

The startup raised $13.5 million in three rounds of fund-raising led by two investors. The last fund at 2009 raising secured around $8 million for the company. 2014 was a record year for BlueStripe as its customer base increased by 38%, though the numbers were not disclosed.