Mew’s Special Research Quest is added to Pokemon Go game

By | April 1, 2018

Niantic has come up with something unique which excites all the players of the Pokemon Go game. In order to unlock the Mew in Pokemon Go game, Niantic has designed a whole new system which is a special research quest for Mew. The Mew Quest is everyone’s favourite and almost all the professional gamers of the Pokemon Go do like to explore this quest while playing the game. Here’s a new option for you. 

An all new Mythical Monster has arrived to the Pokemon Go announced by the Niantic. The new feature will be available to explore from the next week to your Pokemon Go game. The new feature is heavily loaded for the mobile phone users who play the game on their respective smartphones.

Mew is hard to unlock and there have been people who are still waiting for a way to complete the 151st Pokemon which is tied with a story-based tasks. The new field of Research and Special Research quests are guided by the game’s resident scholar Professor Willow. According to the Professor, this new system will give new incentive to players to check in daily. This will give them clear information about their current status. The system will gradually help the players to find out the best ways to capture the Pokemon as well.

The new Research System will come with daily quests to complete the prizes. With the same, you will be able to complete the tasks and can get to you about encountering the legendary Pokemons. The Special Research will help you out to explore the story-based gameplay for hunting down more prizes etc.

The idea behind launching this system is to hunt down the mythical Pokemon Mew. In order to do so, you can start your own new journey right away.

The race has just begun and to find out the ways to hunt down the mythical monster, it will take some time to let you figure things out. Yes, in order to understand the entire system well, you have to explore the game and its functions and features well. Since the new system is quite big, it will take some time to understand things.

From the data which are available in the game, you might have known to the Monster Mew very well. This new system will just add more excitements to find out the right way to hunt him down by using your mind. It’s pretty simple yet it is hard to learn and will take some time. People are still looking for ways to explore this new system within the Pokemon Go game and this is the only reason why the gamers are exploring the Internet just to find a way.

The new update has been rolled-out and you will be able to start exploring this new features or we can say system within the Pokemon Go game. Go ahead to a respective store and update the game to see the new features. Make sure to learn the game by exploring it more and you will get to know how you can hunt down the monster Mew.