Mercedes teases hybrid supercar with Formula 1 tech & 1,000HP Power


The Frankfurt International Motor Show is just a week away i.e. on September 14th and Mercedes-Benz has come up with a new teaser of its hybrid supercar. Yes, the dream of many people is going to be fulfilled by Mercedes. The teaser looks pretty impressive as it shows the new Hybrid Supercar in the dark light with GT-Style design of the car. 

We have seen a number of Hybrid cars in the market already and now Mercedes is also going to take their first steps into the Hybrid cars. This is a whole new Mercedes-AMG Project One to produce Formula 1-inspired hybrid supercars in the automobiles industry.

Apart from this preview image which was released by the officials, we have one more layout design of this new upcoming Hybrid Supercar. We could recognize some features of this car with its angular design. The new Hybrid Supercar would feature an air scoop on the roof. Additionally, there will be rectangular headlights also available with Mercedes’ three-pointed star.

Since, its a big name in automobiles industry, there have been a lot of leaks and information regarding this new generation hybrid supercar. As per the previous reports and other information, the new Mercedes Hybrid Supercar will have two different powers to drive the car as it’s a hybrid supercar. It would be powered by F1-based 1.6-liter turbo V6 with two electric motors: a 134HP motor. Both the powers will be linked with crankshaft. To minimize the turbo lag, there will be a 107HP Motor. This engine will produce 11,000 RPM power to your car.

Mercedes has claimed that the new Hybrid Supercar will offer 217mph top speed. The electric range of this car is 15.5 miles. Every 31,000 miles, the engine needs to be rebuild as it is designed with Formula 1 tech.

On the production of this new generation Hybrid Supercar, the Project One has said that there will be only 275 units of it available in the market. Each unit will carry a price tag of $2.54 million for stickers.

Well, this is just a teaser and some insider’s information. The official details regarding this new car and its other useful information will be revealed on September 14th at the Frankfurt International Motor Show.

Thankfully, there are other giants also working to build innovative cars for the future. So, this year’s Frankfurt International Motor Show will showcase a number of advance and innovative cars. So mark your dates and get ready to witness the future of automobiles industry.

If we talk more about the same industry, recently, South Korean giant received permit to test their own self-driving cars in California. There are over 39 companies working on their own self-driving cars. This means, we would get to see more innovations in Automobiles industry by various giants in the coming days. We all are eagerly waiting for such innovations in the technology world and automobile industry is everyone’s favourite.

What’s your take on this? Will this be create a new trend in the industry? Do share your words on this in front of us. For more such updates, stay tuned with us.