Mercedes to launch Car Subscription Service in the US

By | April 13, 2018

Luxury Car manufacturers are trying to provide subscription-based services to the consumers. In the past, we have seen many such brands who have come up with their new subscription plans to acquire luxury cars just like a mobile phone’s subscription plans. Now, Mercedes Benz have officially announced that they are also coming up with their own subscription service in the United States.

Mercedes Benz is one of the most well-known manufacturers of luxury automobiles have decided to jump into this business to see growth in their own business. They will soon launch their own car sharing services in the United States.

According to their official report, the company to start their own Pilot program which would be called Mercedes-Benz Collection in the United States.

As per their official announcement, the new Pilot program by Mercedes Benz will first launch in Nashville and Philadelphia. In these regions, the company will first start offering a set of cars to the subscribers. In this private Pilot Program, some Mercedes-AMG models will be part of it including some basic luxurious models. Interestingly, subscribers will be able to use this service and can get full access of the cars through an app.

Sadly, the company has not disclosed anything regarding the pricing of this new Pilot Program as of this moment. They are yet to confirm about the subscription plans for the consumers. However, we can expect from Mercedes Benz to come up with the same Subscription plans which Porsche and BMW are offering i.e. $1,500 per month and go over $3000 per month. Reasonably, Mercedes would also come up with the same pricing to attract the existing consumers.

In this particular market of Luxury car, leasing is extremely common. In fact, such services are widely spreading all over the world as people don’t have to invest much on their favourite cars. They can get their cars instantly just by paying a few bucks. Such pilot programs of leasing a car also come with switching program that lets the consumer to switch their existing cars.

Well, this is just the announcement and we have to wait for the execution of this new Pilot Program by Mercedes Benz as they have not disclosed anything about the completion and release of this program within the country. Soon, they will come up with a layout and the availability and launching of their new Pilot Program in various markets around the United States.

As mentioned above, the giant will release this program only to a couple of regions at the beginning and after receiving feedbacks from the users, they will start launching the same Pilot Program service to more markets.