Mercedes-Benz will spend $1 billion for Electric Vehicles


Mercedes-Benz USA CEO Jason Hoff has said in an official interview that the company is planning to invest $1 Billion for Electric Vehicles in the coming year. As we all know, many Automotive giants are working on their own Hybird cars and Electric vehicles, the Mercedes-Benz has also revealed about the future plans of the company to lead the market.

As per the interview, the company will be launching all the models of the cars with Electric Vehicles by the year 2022. Apart from this, over 25 cars will be fully Electric, so you can easily choose between the desired one from the list of many such cars.

The company has already introduced its new Electric car, Generation EQ concept car which is slated to start it production in the 2019. Surprisingly, many of the new Mercedes-Benz Electric Vehicles will be built in the United States that is a very good thing for the people who live in the United States.

By investing over $1 Billion for this project, the company will acquire a land of 1 Million -square-foot. The construction for the project will take place from 2018 and it will start the production for the new vehicles from 2020. The company is currently in talks with the local government authorities to expand their territory for this project, however it will create new opportunities and jobs in the field so they will definitely complete all the documents by the end of this year.

According to automotive news, until now, the company has built their Electric Vehicles in the home country which is going to expand over the world in the coming years so more people can get benefits from it. Since, the competition in the Automobiles industry and specially in producing electric cars is increasing, giants like Mercedes-Benz are focusing to give the maximum features at an affordable price tags.

The Mercedes-Benz has their plant in Alabama where they mostly produce SUVs. So by now, the company will focusing more on developing the Electric versions for the same cars. Electric vehicles doesn’t not mean all electric, some of the models, as mentioned earlier, will be hybrid ones and they can run with Electricity and Gasoline at the same time. However, a few models will be fully electrified running with electric motors and other related equipments.

As you know to run the Electric Motors in such premium cars, powerful batteries are needed. Tesla has expanded their territory by producing Batteries for the cars. Well, the good news is Mercedes will also produce their own batteries along with the cars so it will give more boost to the productions of the cars and all the batteries will be fully available at the required time.

Mercedes-Benz is not the only one in the market, but in the past Ford and Volkswagen  and other giants have already started working on their own Electrified cars to launch in the coming year. If we talk about the recent movements, Porsche has just unveiled its new Mission E Electric Car which will be launched in the year 2019. BMW has also unveiled its new electric concept car Zippy i Vision Dynamic in the market. In a nutshell, there will be more Hybrid and Electric cars available in the market which fulfils the need of Gasoline in the world.