Meet Tesla’s all new Electric truck, the Tesla Semi


Tesla has recently unveiled its new powerful electrify compact trucks called the Tesla Semi. The new generation electric truck is powered by numerous extraordinary features for the year. The Tesla Semi has an elegant design which makes it even more attractive comparing to other vehicles. 

Apart from its design, the new Tesla Semi offers 0 to 60 mph speed in just 5 seconds. This is incredible faster than the diesel truck. It loads upto 80,000 lbs within 20 seconds to speed upto 60 mph. In every specification, the Tesla Semi truck is here to destroy the market of the original diesel based trucks. This new electrify vehicles are amazing with every way.

The new Trucks can go upto 500 miles at a highway speed and and less than 80% trips are at 250 miles. Apart from this, the new trucks also features better drag coefficient than the super cars. The aerodynamic design in the new Tesla Semi trucks make the trucks more smoother than any other vehicle.

Interestingly, the new Tesla Semi has a new transmission technology which requires no gear shifting. This automation is common in fully electric truck which Tesla has also acquired. It has a new braking system as well which will brake down the vehicle itself if something comes across your way.

In terms of responsiveness and handling, the new Tesla Semi truck performed really well with the rivals diesel trucks. In the same timespan, the new Tesla Semi trucks cover more miles than the diesel trucks with the same load with more safer operation in heavy traffic and various weather conditions. Apart from this, the company has acquired plenty of features and technology of its Tesla Model 3 vehicle into this new generation of Tesla Semi trucks.

If we move on to the designing section, Tesla has taken enough care to design these new electric truck. The cabin of the Tesla Semi has tailor made design for the drivers. This makes the driver easier to come out and come in. Apart from this, the cabin has enough height so that the driver can even stand out in the cabin, unlike other trucks. The full space cabin is what may attract the buyers.

Additionally, these new Tesla Semi trucks have center seating arrangement which is quite unique. There is no left drive and right drive driving, but Tesla is changing it by placing it in the middle of the cabin. For additional passenger, there is an option right behind the driver’s seat. You can easily bring the passenger seat behind the driver’s seat.

If we talk about the advanced technology acquired by Tesla, the company has acquired two different technologies. Touchscreen, this is the main function of the truck to manage pretty much everything. The Touchscreen on the Tesla Semi truck is placed at the either side of the driver.

The Touchscreen on the Tesla Mini truck holds navigation information, trip data logging applications, blind spot monitoring and many other useful features so you can bring the best of driving experience by using automatic features on the new generation electrify vehicles. Apart from this, the company is also in talks with other hardware companies to bring the car-like experience within the cabin of the truck.

The trucks can also be charged with solar powered megachargers. The Tesla Semi can go upto 40 miles with single charge of 30 minutes. Tesla is planning to make the megachargers available to the entire world so people can move from one place to another place without having to worry about recharging the vehicles.

If we talk about the maintenance, the electric trucks require less maintenance and it can be done with cheaper rates compare to the diesel trucks. There are less parts available in the electric trucks than the diesel engine vehicles which uses very less equipments and this is how you can get less maintenance cost on the trucks.

The powerful batteries on the trucks are places underneath the chassis of the truck. To resist the impact of air and other forces, the windshield is also designed of glass so it can take good impacts of air and additional forces without breaking it down. So all in one, the Tesla Semi offers great safety feature with advanced technology which makes this new Electric vehicle an ideal one.