Medium simplifies blogging for everyone


Now here’s something that should pique your interest. When people think of blogging, they will almost all the time direct you to a particular website or at least a section meant for it. Medium is a web platform that is an unified collection of stories from people around the world. It was founded by Evan Williams who was the former CEO and Co-founder of Twitter and Blogger. The website gives users a simple and effective means of delivering their stories and thoughts without the hassle of optimum or advanced formatting and editing.

Features of Medium


Medium has a simplistic interface with all the common features of a blogging site like font editing, attaching media and linking other websites/blogs. It is similar to the WordPress tool used in many websites. You can share the article (by giving you a URL to the article) and also publish it. Before publishing, you have the option of adding up to 3 tags which will improve it’s exposure. There are other options like scheduling what time you’d like to publish it and a visibility option which can be public or unlisted (won’t be shown publicly on Medium and your profile, only shown to those who have the URL). Finally, there are 3 licensing options: 1) NO rights reserved, 2) SOME rights reserved and 3) ALL rights reserved.

Getting started on Medium


Anyone with either a Twitter, Facebook, Google or E-mail account can sign in to Medium. After signing up, the website prompts you to select which kinds of stories you prefer to appear when you’re in the site, these are called tags and you can select which ones to follow on this page. After selecting your tags, it shows you a list of recommended writers which you can follow, this is optional and can be skipped. You are greeted on the homepage with appropriate articles based on what tags you chose,  there are also the top stories and bookmark tabs at the top. On the right hand side of the page you have the featured tags and tags you follow. When you select a tag you will be redirected to it’s page with featured articles and latest articles and the option of following it if you haven’t already. When you are on a tag’s page you will find related tags on right as well.

Future of Medium

It’s a free and simple way of writing to a global audience and has the potential to take off in terms of popularity. The biggest strength it has is that you can find real people writing real articles that don’t have any commercial bias. There’s always something interesting to read on Medium. If you’re interested, head over to the Home Page!