Maverick, a new social network for women and girls launched

By | April 28, 2018

Two former Disney executives, Brooke Chaffin and Catherine Connors, on Friday announced a new social network called, Maverick. Maverick is a dedicate social network app and website which is designed for the women and girls. Yes, this is a special social network aimed at ladies only. 

Maverick, a new social network that connects young girls with other female mentors to share things and knowledge. The social network is a secured platform which offers full security to all the profiles and data.

Maverick serves kind of an interesting User Interface which can easily explore by anyone. Since the app is dedicated for the girls and women, it is limited to this gender only.

When a new user signs up to this social network, they will be asked to take out some challenges. The social network is depend on role models and digital influencers whom can issue various challenges. All the challenges will be there for the users and newly connected user will have to go through all the new challenges one by one.

The challenges include making a new superhero for ownself, designing a mantra, creating a dance piece and more.

Maverick will work more like an online community rather than using the platform just for connecting the people and chatting with one-another. It would be a whole new platform for the young girls and women. Interestingly, the online community will also have the opportunities to setup live events.

Girls who are between the age 10 to 20, can post their responses to the challenges. They can share a photo or a 30-second video. They can also browse the responses of other within the same platform.

The new Social MeNetwork doesn’t come with traditional likes button for their engagements, however they will be able to gain points for their engagements in the community. Whenever you post a comment, posting a comment, or you can give someone a badge.

Currently, Maverick has four different types of badges. Four badges are unique, creative, unstoppable, and daring. As the company grows in the coming days, the company will add more badges in future.

As mentioned above, the company is planning to hold a live event within the country. In fact, they have placed a live event tomorrow in Los Angeles. The event will feature role models such as Chloe & Halle Bailey, Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight, Daunnette Reyome, Laurie Hernandez and Ruby Karp.

For now, the company has made this app for absolutely free of cost just to promote it. However, in the future, the company will add more utilities which would offer more premium features with paid subscription.