Material Design lands to Desktop with Quantum OS Linux Distro

By | November 24, 2014


Material design has become so famous that folks have started porting it to Desktop to experience the same floating UI as Lollipop Android offering on Android devices. Quantum OS (formerly Quartz OS) got the idea first to port the Material design UI to the desktop with Quantum OS Linux Distro and they did in fact. Though, the OS is still in development phase.

Quantum OS is trying to bring together Linux and Materia Design, with the help of the powerful JavaScript-based language QML. As of now it’s not exactly ready for distribution to the masses, however Quantum OS will likely the advantage of existing Linux Distro like Ubuntu. Developers have started hosting the source code on GitHub right now, but it seems we have to wait little more to get the real taste.


Micheal Spencer, the man in charge of Quantum OS, says,

[quote]Arch is a strong possibility because of the simple packaging manager, lightweight base system, and the rolling release concept. Our goal is to base our work on the latest upstream versions available, with no patches or modifications, so our work will run on any base Linux Distro that supports Wayland.[/quote]

After releasing the source code on GitHub, Spencer now started taking suggestions from people across the world to make the Quantum OS the Best Material Design experience. Hit the Google+ Page to comment your ideas and suggestions to make it innovative and better alternative for a user.