Mashup Root – The Best tool to root Android devices



Customization means Android, this mobile operating system allows you transform your device according to your needs. On the the way to customize your Android smartphone, rooting is the first milestone you need to achieve which is not a so easy task at all. There are many tutorials and tools available to do so but to get the best and working among them is a very tough task.

Here I have come with an trusted and working rooting tool that helps you easy root your Android device. The tool is capable to root root almost all the Android devices running KitKat, Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich or so. If you have any doubt or confusion related to rooting then read below the advantages of having rooted device over normal one, I am sure you will start finding an easy way to root your device after that.

Rooting benefits

  • Remove apps that were pre-installed by your carrier/manufacturer from your device.
  • Update to a new version of Android (by flashing a custom recovery/ROM, see the end of this procedure for more info on that).
  • Increase battery life (apps that might have been running constantly can be removed).
  • Increase performance (after removing apps that are always running, the device will be less bogged down and run smoother).
  • Free up storage space (because of the above benefit).
  • Many of other customization options are there you can get by flashing a custom ROM that requires root access.

How to root any Android smartphone using Mashup root tool

First of all you need to download the tool package, Click here to download Mashup Root and then install the exe file on your Windows PC, after installation you will see a new folder named ‘Mashup Root Tool ‘ on your desktop.

Open the folder and click the batch file to get a splash screen which asks to press any key to continue further. Once the key is pressed, you will get the new black colored screen with several options to root your Android.


After that connect your device to your PC with installed proper USB drivers that helps your device to connect easily with the computer. The first three options are to try the available rooting method. Depending on the response you can go further with the options out there.

However, still there are few devices that this tool is not able to root, if it happens to your case also, do comment below with the issues below, it will help developers to make this tool even better to root Android devices.