Mario comes to Google Maps as a celebration of Mario Day


To Mark Super Mario Day, Google Maps have updated their application for the smartphone users with Mario. Yes, the powerful and super popular gaming character, Super Mario comes to the Google Maps. The new update lets the famous plumber drive around the city along with you through his own cart. The new update looks quite promising as it brings a whole new live Mario to the navigation maps using Google Maps on your device.

The developers, Nintendo has teamed up with Google to bring the popular Plumber to the mobile phones with a whole new way i.e. through Google Maps. The update made available from today itself so you would be able to bring the Mario to your Google Maps by updating this application on a respective Smartphone.

The new Mario comes as Mario Time for Google Maps for Android and iOS devices. In order to get started with this new stunning Mario Time on your Google Maps app, first you need to update the app on a respective Android or iOS platform. Just go to the respective App Store or Play Store for your smartphone and update the Google Maps application from there.

After updating the application, just launch it on a respective Android or iOS device by tapping on to its icon. Now, you should see  “?” in yellow color at the bottom right corner of the Google Maps application.

Once you select the icon, you would be asked whether to use the Mario Time on the app or not, kindly select the Let’s Go option when asked. After this, you should see the Mario on his Kart vehicle instead of car while navigating the Google Maps.

The news was officially shared by Google through their Google Maps official Twitter handle and you would be able to update the Google Maps app by now. You can find out the official live embedded tweet made by Google Maps from here.

According to Google, the Mario will be a constant companion to everyone who uses Google Maps on a daily basis. The new Mario icon can be seen on every route you take using Google Maps so it’s kind of fun using your favourite gaming character, Mario in works for you through Google Maps.

The updated Google Maps has rolling out to Android and iOS platforms starting from today itself. It will be available for your device for seven days. You can go to the respective stores to download and update the Google Maps with Mario Time.

Apart from this, Nintendo has also reduced the pricing of the Mario Run game for both the platforms with 50% of discount on its base price. So if you unlock the game’s premium features through in-app purchase, it will cost you just $4.99 instead of 9.99. The offer is here to celebrate the Mario day and will last till March 25th. The new pricing from the in-app purchase starts from today itself so if you are a big fan of Super Mario, it is the right time to get a premium version with 50% discount.