How to make use of EditThisCookie Extension?


If you’ve been into web developing, then Google Chrome offers a bunch of extensions to help you out while developing your web applications. Google Chrome has its own webstore from which you can install various extensions to enhance your work. You can get all of your much needed applications right on your Google Chrome browser through its webstore. One of the most interesting extensions on the WebStore is EditThisCookie. This extension is quite useful as it allows users to modify the existing cookies. 

EditThisCookie is quite helpful tool allowing users to view all the cookies. This is not just done, you can even edit the cookies right from this tool. Unlike other tools, you will not be able to edit Cookies instantly like this extension does which is why most of the developers are using this tool to see the cookies and to edit them out.

As you know, once you add any extension to your Google Chrome web browser, it would be seen with an icon right besides the address bar. Once you install this EditThisCookie extension to your Google Chrome browser, you would see an icon of this extension right there. If you click on to the icon of EditThisCookie Extension on your Chrome web browser, you would see a page with all the cookies of the current website. Apart from the details, you would see different options to modify the cookies.

Apart from reduces the number of cookies on the websites, this extension also allows you to modify the values of the cookies. So you can easily see the actual values and can change it as per your requirements. You can even modify the httpflag on the websites pages as well with the use of this EditThisCookie extension. Here’s the list of tasks that this tool can do for you :

You can …..

  • Edit Cookies
  • Delete Cookies
  • Search Cookies
  • Create Cookies
  • Add a new Cookie
  • Protect Cookies
  • Block Cookies with Cookie Filter
  • Export Cookies in JSON
  • Import Cookies in JSON
  • Limit the expiration date of Cookie
  • Import Cookie.txt easily
  • Remove old Cookies to improve the performance and much more

Before using this tool, you need to keep in mind that, this tool is especially designed for the developers and testers who are actively working on this field. This tool is there to help them out while exploring various things related to their work. If you are a normal user, you should not go with this tool as it is of no use to you. So it is better for you to avoid this tool if not needed. Messing up with the cookies is not a good thing for normal people.

Since, EditThisCookie extension is available for free, it can be used by anyone, however only developers and testers can get things of this tool and can make the most of it to modify the cookies. This tool is designed for the people to save their precious time. You can install this extension to your Google Chrome web browser by following below given official link.

Install EditThisCookie on Google Chrome