MacOS Sierra latest news : Features, Current versions and new beta updates


Apple always brings innovations in the gadgets and their OSs. Every year in company’s official conference, the giant announces some of the greatest features and updates to their existing Software or we can say Operating System. New update of the OSs brings a number of improvements and enhanced user functionality to explore more of the advance technology world. If we talk about Apple’s Mac OS, MacOS Sierra is the latest edition of the Mac OS which was announced by the giant for the last year. If you are using a Mac system, then you can get all information regarding the beta version of this OS including all the updates that were pushed by Apple in the past times of this MacOS Sierra.

If we talk about Apple’s recent announcements, the giant has announced three new smartphones in the recent Keynote which was held at Steve Jobs Theater. iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X was announced with Face ID feature. Apart from this, the company has also unveiled a new Apple Watch Series 3 with new WatchOS 4. Additionally, we would get full 4K HDR entertainment with the new fourth generation Apple TV 4K. The company has also revealed a new Wireless Charging Case for AirPods which is listed for $69 in the market already. So, we have a handful of new gadgets to explore from the giant, Apple for this year.


Since we have been receiving a number of updates for the current Mac OS versions, the giant has reportedly change the name of its OS from Mac OS X to macOS so if you have decided to update your Mac system with the latest Mac OS, MacOS Sierra is here for the update with all the recent updates. As we promised earlier, here we have listed down all the useful updates about this MacOS Sierra with proper details so you can get to know about the actual functionality and what has changed compare to its previous editions. Every update brings something new to the stable edition which is why we recommend you to keep up to date with all the software and applications.

There is a very clear reason why Apple has decided to change the name of its Mac OS X with macOS, since Apple has a few other devices with different operating system such as tvOS, watchOS, iOS, the giant has decided to rename Mac OS X with macOS. Previous edition of the Mac OS X was Mac OS X EI Capitan which gets an update of macOS Sierra as per Apple’s recent announcements.

macOS Sierra is also known as its version numbe, i.e. 10.2. If you are using a Mac system, there is a free update to this macOS Sierra available for your Mac system. However, the update requires proper compatible devices to run the latest macOS Sierra. If you have been using a very older Mac system, this update might be able to work on your older device. So it is better to know the compatibility of the macOS Sierra before you can actually move on to the update process.

Here, we have list down all the Mac devices which are compatible to update the macOS Sierra on it. Let’s find out whether your current Mac system is there in the list or not.

The MacOS Sierra Compatibility List

  • MacBook Pro (2010 and later)
  • MacBook Air (2010 and later)
  • Mac Mini (2010 and later)
  • Mac Pro (2010 and later)
  • MacBook (Late 2009 and later)
  • iMac (Late 2009 and later)

These are all the devices which will be able to upgrade with this new and latest macOS update from Apple i.e. macOS Sierra. The above listed compatibility devices were featured on the announcement of this new OS. So, if you see your current system there, you are welcome to upgrade it with the new macOS Sierra Operating System.

How do you see if you Mac system is compatible with the new macOS Sierra?

If you a little bit confused about whether this macOS Sierra is compatible for your system or not, you can easily figure it out by your ownself. It doesn’t require any tool to do so. Just follow below given steps and you would see the version compatibility of the macOS  Sierra there from your system.

Step 1 :

Turn your Mac system on.

Step 2 :

At the upper left corner of your Mac system, you would see an Apple logo. You have to click on to the Apple Logo once.

Step 3 :

A drop down menu will be presented to you. From this menu, you need to select About this mac option.

Step 4 :

A screen will be appeared on the desktop featuring all the details about your current mac system including the year.

Step 5 :

Now, compare your Mac system with the above compatibility list. If you found it compatible then, you are good to go with the update of macOS Sierra.

Downloading this latest macOS update is pretty simple and you can easily get it from the official Mac App Store. If you are not in a hurry, the your Mac system will itself warn you with a notification about the new update on your system of the new macOS Sierra. Although, you can check for the update and its compatibility by clicking on the Apple’s logo as mentioned earlier.

Apple had announced this new macOS Sierra officially on September 16, 2016. Since then, this OS receives a number of updates to the existing OS with bug fixes and more solved issues. So, let’s find out all the updates made available by Apple after the official announcements of the macOS Sierra.

macOS Sierra updates :

macOS Sierra 10.12.1

After the launch of the official macOS Sierra, the giant had pushed a quick update with new macOS Sierra 10.12.1 with numerous bug fixes and improvements. The new update brings new camera functionality features as well.

macOS Sierra 10.12.2

In the last December month, Apple had pushed a new update to the existing macOS Sierra with macOS Sierra 10.12.2. This update was a major one which included new security solutions. Apple had advised all the Mac users to update their Mac’s with this latest version for a stability and more functions. This update had removed the battery percentage indicator from the Macbooks.

macOS Sierra 10.12.3

In this year, January month, the giant has pushed yet another update of its current Sierra OS with, macOS Sierra 10.12.3. This new update was made available for all the Mac systems users. But it was specially designed for the newly launched, MacBook Pros in the market.

This update included Safari web browser issues with more stability on the existing version. Some users had reported that the bugs are consuming more battery power, so, this update fixed everything. Apart from the battery issue, some other users had also reported issue while they import photos from camera. This update has also fixed those issues.

macOS Sierra 10.12.4

After a couple of moths later, the giant has released one more update in the March month of its macOS Sierra with macOS Sierra 10.12.4. This update has brought a number of interesting and all innovative features which people of the current period are also using.

The new macOS Sierra 10.12.4 brought features like Night Shift mode, improved Siri functionality and more. Siri brought more answers to your questions regarding sports especially Cricket. Apart from this, this new update also brought update in the PDFKit so you can view your PDF documents with a better way on your Mac system.

macOS Sierra 10.12.5

In the May month, Apple has pushed a new update to the macOS Sierra with version number macOS Sierra 10.12.5. According to Apple, this update of Sierra brings, “stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac.” So if you find some issues with any of these, you are requested to update your mac system with this update so you can fix all the issues related the functionality and security of your system.

Some of the users have found sound issues while using USB drives and this update fixes all such minor issues of the users as well. Windows 10 creators are allowed to test out their own updates via Boot Camp. Some automatic updates are also available in this update with App Store’s updates and other application updates.

macOS Sierra 10.12.6

Apple has started testing out this update for the Mac users and you too can register yourself for this update. This beta update was available a long ago which you can still try out on your Mac system.

Basically, there are two different options available for testing out this beta version. You can either register yourself as the developers or you can go with public beta testers. Following links will help you to register yourself with this program.

To register as a developer, head over to the official Apple developer program page and you can register yourself for this.

For more information regarding Apple’s beta program, kindly head over to the official beta program page of the Apple. Sign up for this program and get updates about the beta program of this OS from there.

If you sign up for the beta program, you will be able to get latest updates months ago before the public release. So you can play a part of a the actual tester or we can say developer of the Mac OS.

If you are more curious to know about the actual features of the new macOS Sierra updates and want to know the functionality of this OS, then here we have enlisted all the useful features of this new OS so that you can get to know more about this OS’s actual functionality in daily usage. Kindly follow the points of its features enlisted below.

Features of macOS Sierra

No matter whether you have already upgraded your Mac system or not, new update of Sierra OS brings a set of advance features to your Mac system with which you can easily integrate with all the iOS features right from the original macOS system. Let’s find out what’s new insight the updated macOS Sierra from here.

All new Siri

New macOS Sierra brings new improved features. Apple has made Siri more powerful than its previous version. You will be able to access company’s own voice assistant service i.e. Siri right from the Dock of your Mac system. You can even get access to Siri from the Menu bar as well. You can even access this with the shortcut key from your Mac’s Keyboard. The window of Siri will be appeared on the upper right corner where you can view it like the iOS devices. Ask anything and get a quick respond from this Powerful Voice Assistant.

With the help of Siri, you can send messages, can find out answers of General knowledge, search on the web and much more. You can access results from the Mac itself and can make use of the results as well. Siri is widely popular and available on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Which is finally available on macOS as well.

Auto Unlock

Auto Unlock is quite a useful feature as a part of the security of your Mac. This feature allows you to unlock your Mac system with the help of your Apple Watch. If you are using Apple Watch, you will be able to sync it with macOS Sierra to unlock your Mac system. There is nothing additionally available in this feature, just make use of it if you have bought the Apple Watch. You don’t have to type lengthy passwords to unlock your Mac system, just use this features to directly unlock the Mac.

Universal Clipboard

Universal Clipboard helps you to sync your copy and paste data to all the devices. Like if you copy something on this Mac system, you will be able to use the same thing on any other iDevice with the help of this Universal Clipboard feature. This will make you more productive. As you don’t have to send emails to check out things from one device to another, just copy or paste to the Universal Clipboard and it will synced itself.

iCloud Drive and Optimized Storage

This new cloud storage option, iCloud Drive stores up the directories and other files and sync it between the systems. It will also be able to find out the unnecessary files and help you to free up some space on your hard drive. It will even give you detailed report about the space of the applications so you can figure out the actual space stored by the applications and other documents.


This is a great feature for the applications which support multi window option. Such applications can now support multiple tabs withing the same window. This feature allows all the tabs to be organized.


Picture-in-Picture feature is quite useful if you are using multiple applications or anything. It works just like the YouTube application. Whenever you use any application like exploring photos or videos and want to use other application at the same time, this feature will offer a thumbnail preview of this and allows you to do whatever you like to. You can still view it in a Thumbnail preview so you don’t have to close down the existing Window.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay for Mac is finally available with the update of new macOS Sierra Operating System. While exploring certain merchants websites, you will see Apple Pay’s icon. With this, you will be able to make instant transactions if you want to buy something. Apple Pay will soon be available to other nations as it is currently available in 9 different countries. You have to authorize this feature from your iPhone or Apple Watch to make it work.

Apple File System – AFS

Apple File System is a new way to share space between the devices. This feature optimizes the available space in your system. This will adopt the features of modern file sharing systems and will work accordingly.

This system will store all the duplicate files without any extra space. So, if you store 4 GB of duplicate files, this system will not consume 8GB, but it will keep both the files with 4GB space. If you make some changes to any of the files, only then it will start consuming space of your system. Otherwise, the files will remain there without storing extra space.

Night Shift

Night Shift feature was already available with its previous edition. However, this new update brings some additional improvements to the original Mac system. This feature can be setup through System Preferences of you Mac system. This feature reduces blue light at night. This features comes with an integration to Siri, so you can toggle it from there or can use notification center to do so.


The new macOS Sierra brings Tapback feature to the native Messages app on the Mac system. Since, the original Mac system doesn’t allow users to use emojis, animations while typing, this new Tapback feature will instantly help you out with this. With this feature, users will be able to quick respond to the messages with simple symbols. So you don’t have to write down things what you feel, just hit the symbols and it will be good to go.

Improved Photos App

As you know, Photos app is one of the best application on Mac system to organize and manage your Photos. This application has improved its face recognition feature to organise the photos of your system. This feature groups the photos with same face, locations and more when you import photos. It will create memories so you can slideshow them anytime you want. This is one of the coolest feature added to the Mac system.


Mac system’s default web brower, Safari is also upgraded with a number of functionalities. You will be able to make use of various extensions using the Safari web browser in your Mac system by now. You can quickly work with the extensions that you are going to use on your Safari web browser

You can even communicate between all the bundle extensions from various applications installed on your Mac systems.


As you know, iTunes is one of the best applications which almost all the users of Mac system are using. You can purchase things and can optimize your music with the help of iTunes software which comes as a default music player on Mac systems. The new update brings Apple Music within the iTunes app so you can easily find out and discover the music that you want quickly.

Additionally, you will see For You button which is added as a new update. By clicking this button, you will be presented a new page with all the new music that you might want to explore. So if you are a music lover than you will definitely going to like this feature to use in your Mac system. The update also brings a redefined miniplayer which also enables you to view the lyrics of the songs that you are currently listening.


Taking and sharing notes between the users has become more easier with the new updated notes application. This feature allows you to share and collaborate on notes. Just click on to the share button and you will be able to get things done quickly.


When it comes to security improvements, macOS Sierra brings newly improved Gatekeeper application for security purposes. New update adds two more mechanism to the Gatekeeper’s user interface.You can make use of the new feature of this from the System Preferences tab. You can disable this option to allow all the apps to work well without your permissions all the time. So you don’t have to give permissions to do some tasks.

Improved Finder

Finder has now an option to view folders instead of just files. So you will be able to view folders in the view hierarchy.

So folks, these were all the features of the newly updated macOS Sierra. The company has already announced the dates of its update with new macOS High Sierra which is soon be rolled out to public. For now, you can download and install the beta edition of this OS.

Since, Apple has already announced the dates of its new macOS High Sierra, you can still install its developer beta version or public beta version to the existing Mac system. The process is quite simple and anyone can easily update their current macOS with the latest macOS High Sierra just by following simple steps. We would come up with useful tutorials which will help you to update your mac System with the latest macOS High Sierra. So for that, you have to stay tuned with us. We would link the new installation tutorial here once they are published on the website.