The MacBook Pro Saga: Why Apple is Losing its Aura

By | August 1, 2018

Apple’s products are amazing! Everyone dreams to own become an owner of Apple products. Apple is constantly changing its design, display, build-quality on their latest products and that is the only reason why people replace their old Apple products and buy a new one. 

Over the past years, Apple has introduced a number of new iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and many other gadgets. In the year 2015, Apple has completely changed their Macbooks line-up by introducing their very first 12-Inch MacBook Pro. The new MacBook Pro was the ultimate winner as it had got a whole new design and great build-quality with exceptional features. The powerful motherboard and everything that you might be dreaming of.

However, year after year, Apple is losing its Aura in the technology world. People have found many issues with the latest Apple products and they started believing that, Apple products are no longer impressive.

If we talk about the previous generation Macbooks, they also had some flaws and issues with their performances, however, with new Software updates and fixes, one could easily able to fix all the issues. The previous generation Macbooks were much more impressive than the current generation ones. With new features in the new generation Macbooks, Apple started losing its fanbase.

Here, we have prepared a report or we can say a list of issues with the new generation Macbooks from Apple. Following list is prepared after collecting data from the Internet and various sources from the real users of the new Macbooks.

  1. Thermal Throttling

The technology world is constantly evolving and we have the most powerful CPUs and hardware. Apple had updated the MacBook line-up with advanced touchscreen technology. It was indeed an exciting update for the fans of Apple products. However, they had also increased the pricing of the new generation MacBooks, which were not easily affordable for everyone.

Additionally, when it comes to performance, the new Apple MacBook got easily hot after a few hours. According to analyzers, plenty of new MacBook owners complaint about this issue which is the thermal throttling.

The reason behind this issue is, Apple has not configured the new Macbooks properly. This is why it overheats again and again. Apple had also recognized this issue and explained that it is just because of video rendering. However, the issue is still haunting the users of the new generation MacBooks. People still love to go with the old generation Macbooks instead of choosing the new ones.

2. Boring Butterfly Keyboard 

Apple had introduced their all-new Butterfly Switch Keyboard in the year 2015 with the new generation of MacBooks. The new Keyboard uses Butterfly mechanism as suggested by Apple. This design was implemented to slim-down the overall design of the Macbook.

However, this type of Keyboard attracts and stores more dust than the previous Keyboard. On the other hand, the keys get stuck sometimes which is even more disturbing for the professionals who work on the Macbooks.

On the other hand, the Keys on the new generation MacBooks are very fragile and they can’t be replaced individually. You have to spend more bucks on replacing the entire Keyboard. What more frustrating is, other components such as Speakers, battery etc are glued with the panel of the Keyboard which also require a replacement. If your warranty period is over, you have to put a big hole in your pocket to get it repaired from the official Apple Store.

3. T2 and Bridge OS

Apple’s new generation Macbooks use co-processor i.e. T2. This co-processor was introduced with the new iMac Pro and the MacBook Pro 2018 which features a Touchbar. The T1 was introduced in the year 2016-17.

The T2 chip is quite good, however, it doesn’t offer security to your data. You can not restore or recover your data with this chip. T2 and MacOS interface with BridgeOS to work efficiently. Recently studies have found that the new BridgeOS is full of bugs and cause many issues while working on the Macbooks.

Issues such as frequent reboots, non-functional sleep mode etc. Apple recognized all these issues and ensured that all these issues will be fixed with the future software update.

4. No regular USB Ports

Apple introduced USB-C ports in their new generation MacBooks. USB-C port has great potential. In fact, it is the future of the new generation of laptops, however, it is not the right time to introduce this ports.

The only thing you can connect to this port is your charging cable. There’s no any USB-C to lightning port introduced by Apple even after three years.

Apple had to reduce the pricing of their dongles so that more people can buy it and use it on their new generation MacBooks. Without this dongle, you have to face many issues such as….

  • You can’t connect your iPhone to the Macbook
  • You can’t connect external Wired Mouse and Keyboard
  • You can’t connect a digital camera
  • You can’t connect an external drive which comes with USB Cable
  • You can’t connect external monitor or Television
  • 5. Confusion with the USB-C Port

USB-C Port is the future of USB. It has got more potential and can offer the best of performance. You can plug in pretty much all the devices by using a convertible cable to convert the port into the regular USB port. However, the new USB-C port is pretty odd and people are not yet ready to use it.

It’s not a Universal standard and you have to keep the dongle along whenever you are out. The same ports vary from handling the tasks and their capabilities are also different from device to device.

Final Words: 

After going through the above report, you might have figured out how Apple is losing its fan base and aura. Undoubtedly, Apple is doing great with the new MacBooks, however, people have started becoming more intelligent and they go through such reports before buying the new ones. In the future, Apple has to understand the needs of the users and don’t put the burden of extra accessories on the users’ shoulders. They have to build the products with great build-quality and fewer issues.