Logitech introduces new VR Keyboard Kit with Vive Tracker

By | November 4, 2017

Logitech has introduced a new generation Keyboard Kit which now supports Virtual Reality. Since Virtual Reality is coming to most of the new smartphones, Logitech is coming up with the Keyboard Kit which actually can be used in Virtual Reality.

If you’ve been using Virtual Reality devices and want to type things within the World, the typing within the VR is a challenging task and not good for everyone who are not aware about using them. Even if you are a profession PC user who knows the layout of the Keyboard including the Keys and other things will not be able to type in things within the Virtual Keyboard.

Logitech has planned something different with which you can now use company’s any G gaming keyboard with vive tracker to make it Virtual Reality compatible Keyboard. By using a cradle accessory you can actually attach the G Gaming Keyboard with Vive Tracker. Logitech Bridge developers kit bridges it and offers an environment to connect the devices together.

By attaching these devices together with the given method, it will provide you a 3D Model of the actual Keyboard in your VR Environment. This Keyboard will offer fully real and natural Keyboard experience in your Virtual Reality world. This will actually enables a new Virtual Keyboard layout when you look down while into the Virtual Reality world. You can then start typing out things through Virtual Reality and it will offer the same experience of a real Physical Keyboard.

For demonstrations, you can follow the video tutorial published by the Logitech. You can follow the actual hands-on video of this new Virtual Reality Keyboard by Logitech in the video. Just follow the video and see how amazingly this new VR Keyboard from Logitech will work in your Virtual Reality Environment.

If you’ve been using VR Desktop, this new VR enabled Keyboard will add more life to your web experience. It will also work with some apps so you can make use of apps and can surf the web by using this Virtual Reality Keyboard. However, if you are a gamer, then this VR Keyboard won’t help you out as it requires some builtin functionality.

Well, the new Logitech VR Keyboard is currently available as a testing machine. The company has priced this new keyboard or we can say the entire Kit at $150. Since it is just a testing Keyboard, the company is offering this Keyboard Kit to a minimum number of developers who would test this on their respective VR Desktops. According to reports, there will be 50 developers who will start testing out this new Keyboard on the applications and on various web browsers from the VR desktops from the upcoming November 16th.

Since people are not yet using Virtual Reality desktops, they might not get any interests in this kind of technology device. Although, there are some gamers and other tech enthusiasts, who are always ready to welcome new and innovative technology devices.

The Vive Tracker is very intelligent component in the Kit which uses the advanced technology. It can measure your hands movements and the words you type trough the Virtual Reality Keyboard. Apart from this, the SDK will help you customize your Keyboard with the respective VR desktop or other device so you can make it compatible and it will start working on your device itself.

Since the company has set the price tag of $150 for the entire Kit, you might want to know what’s actually there in the Kit. Well, the Kit includes a Logitech G keyboard and a Vive tracker. This will replicate the original Keyboard to virtual keyboard so you can make use of the original Keyboard without touching it. You can head over to Engadget‘s post for more information regarding this new Keyboard.

Logitech’s Director Of Innovations & Strategy Vincent Tucker said, “If there is sufficient interest we may build additional kits for purchase after the initial batch is distributed.”