LG V30 now gets a beautiful OLED Screen losing the Gimmicks

By | August 31, 2017

LG V20 has found a particular niche of the audience and this is because of the newly introduced creation tools. The users are given impeccable manual control over many things and video recording is one such thing. The device lets the users adjust everything in the video recording right from the bitration to white balance. It has a battery that can be removed which can be swapped when you can’t a plugin. The DAC offers high-end owners, a listening experience.


The LG V20 is hamstrung by a useless secondary display with the cumbersome size. The LG is coming back with the unique V30 in 2017 and this time, the design is the priority. The LG V30, however, retained the unique strengths of the predecessor, but there are few missing points. The LG V30 almost like the Samsung Galaxy S8 with features like a 6 inch HD Quad OLED screen with rounded corners, curves, and shrunken bezels. The second screen of the V20 and V10 are gone. The shiny frame also reminds you of the exterior given the entire phone fits the dimensions of Pixel XL where as the V20 is considered to be larger in size than the iPhone 7 Plus. On a whole, this LG V30 will give you what you’re looking for, in a go.