Leak: Samsung Galaxy S8 Might Feature Over 90% Display Ratio


The latest leaks tell us that the next Samsung flagship phone i.e. Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a lot of display.

The reports from The Investor published on Monday came after the iMiD 2016 Display Exhibition. The exhibition was held in Seoul where a Samsung’s display manufacturing unit engineer named Park Won-sang told that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S device is going to be over 90 percent display.

The average current display area ratio is around 80 percent. The display ratio is the percentage of front area taken up by the display screen. If the reports are true, then the upcoming Samsung S device might feature more screen are when compared to S7. The curved display S7 is one of the best and beautiful smartphone we have ever seen, and more display is definitely going to make Samsung Galaxy S8 more gorgeous.

But that is not all. The same engineer told that the company can even go for 99 percent screen smartphone. Well, that is possible. Recently Xiaomi launched Mi Mix, which is almost full screen on the front side. But, whether S8 comes with high screen ration or not, there will be many other smartphone coming with very high display area ratios next year.

The leaks also give some more idea about the Galaxy S8 smartphone. It will include an OLED display as well as a bezel-less chassis. Although, there is no official news about the Galaxy S8 smartphone and this leak definitely gives us some hint about what Samsung is planning next.

Google’s latest Pixel will soon be shipping to the consumers. It is the best smartphone right now and obviously Samsung needs to come up with something unique in order to regain their throne. Is full-screen display the solution to this problem? Well, truly saying, we still can’t say anything about it until and unless the device is official.

Also, with a full screen display, Samsung will have to remove the home button, fingerprint scanner as well as the menu and back button from the front side. So, we could also expect some change in design if these rumors are taken true.

But, until Samsung unveils the Galaxy S8 by itself, nothing could be said for these rumors. And obviously, the company and its officials are not responding to any comments.