Land Rover to launch a modular smartphone named Explore at MWC 2018

By | February 3, 2018

Land Rover is an automotive company better known for the premium SUV cars. Now, the company is going further with a new venture into the smartphones industry. The company is going to introduce their very first smartphone called, Land Rover Explore. Hopefully, we may get to see this new Explore smartphone from Land Rover in the coming Mobile World Congress 2018 at Barcelona, Spain. 

Indeed, this new Land Rover’s phone sounds like a new SUV edition by the company. However, the Land Rover Explore will be a ruggedised smartphone built by Bullitt Group. This company has already designed the ruggedised phone in the past. So we can expect a very good hardware design from the company on this Land Rover’s SUV. Bullitt Group is a British phone makers group who are also known as best licensing for different brands. The partnership between Land Rover and Bullitt was announced in the year 2016. But people didn’t see this coming from Land Rover.

The new Land Rover Explore smartphone is designed for the people who like to explore the world well. Hikers will be able to get the best of this phone from here. Furthermore, people who camping a lot would also like this phone’s actual hardware configuration. The phone looks absolutely handy and will offer better user interface than the previous CAT phones by the Bullitt.

Land Rover’s this new smartphone is quite different from what you see in other smartphones. This new Explore smartphone has got a modular design with an added modular functionality a-la Motorola’s MotoMods. The magnetic hold at the back makes the device more handy. You can add more functionality to the hardware and can explore the technology world really well through the Explore phone by Land Rover.

The phone comes with a number of add-ons i.e. adventure pack. This will add powerful antenna to your phone’s hardware. This will add an extra battery life as well with an AR viewfinder. This new AR viewfinder helps you to explore the wildness of the real world through your smartphone.

Bullitt Group may come with some more hardware add-ons to use on this new modular phone from Land Rover i.e. Explorer. In future, we might get to see a few other smartphones from Land Rover to conquer the industry. The company has not revealed anything about the announcement of this phone, however, we could expect it to be unveiled during the Mobile World Congress later this month.

This is what we all know so far about Land Rover’s new modular smartphone, Explorer. We hope to hear some more from the company in the coming weeks.

If we talk about the phone’s pricing and its availability, the new Explore smartphone will be up for pre-orders from the coming April month. The phone is expected to be priced at €649 or £599. The company has not revealed anything more about this phone’s specifications yet.

What do you guys think about this new Explore phone? Would you like to get a hands-on of it? Do share your thoughts on Land Rover’s new venture in the Smartphones industry. If you have anything to ask or have any feedbacks to share, kindly let us know in the comments section given below this post. For more updates, stay tuned with us!