How do I know if someone is stealing my WiFi?


If you have found out something messy with your WiFi connection, the next door people might be stealing your WiFi. If you were using a high speed WiFi connection but not getting good speed in recent period, you should check if someone is stealing your WiFi. Nowadays, we all are using high speed Internet connections to buffer YouTube videos, Netflix and much more. However, if your WiFi is not getting you the right and the much needed Internet speed, you should check for the same. 

There have been a huge number of people who have found such issues with their current WiFi connection and to sort things out, they have posted their queries here and on other web forums. We always do take care of our readers and to get you the right solution, we have compiled all the possible ways with which you can know if someone is stealing your WiFi connection. We have also provided some solutions to keep your WiFi router secured from other people so no one can easily connect with your network and can start using it.

If you allow unauthorised devices to let connect with your network, you might get into a big trouble sometime. So, it is better for you to keep your WiFi network secured from other people to keep yourself safe from any web violations. Let’s see every single thing about the WiFi network and its related things one by one.

How someone can steal your WiFi network?

There are a number of ways with people can connect with your WiFi network and can start stealing out the bandwidth from your current network. The most common way is just by clicking on your WiFi connection name. WiFi option in mobile and other devices let people allow to search for nearby WiFi connection. If you have not put any password, anyone can easily connect with your WiFi network and can start stealing out the bandwidth without your knowledge. It is better for you to go ahead and secure your WiFi network with proper Password.

Apart from this, there are some WiFi breaker software available in the market to break down the security of your WiFi network and steals your bandwidth. Strong password is the thing you should require if you find your WiFi is being used by an unauthorised people.

Many services are limited and they offer limited bandwidth data to use everyday. If someone is stealing your bandwidth, you would no longer be able to use it. There are devices like Televisions, smartphones, computers and more connected on the same network. If someone is watching high definition video, most of the bandwidth will go there and you will get lower internet speed.

Let’s see how do you know if someone is stealing your data from here.

Method 1 : By using an app

Since we have seen many technology innovations in the current tech period, most of the things can be done by using an app. Yes, there is an app for every single need of yours. Android and iOS provide all types of apps for Smartphone users. There are small tools and software for PC users to do the same thing. Following we have enlisted a few useful apps to help you out with this issue.

Wireless Network Watcher

This is by far the most useful tool if you are looking for a way to know if your wifi network is safe. This tool is designed for Windows and Mac OS X users to keep track of suspicious activities to your WiFi network. You can keep an eye on all the devices which are connected to your network and can easily figure it out the unnecessary devices from the list.

WiFi Inspector

WiFi Inspector is the easiest way to see if someone unnecessarily using your WiFi’s bandwidth without your knowledge. WiFi Inspector application is quite popular and is available for Android platform. This is really a useful tool to see if someone is stealing your WiFi. The app shows the list of connected devices with relevant data such as IP address, manufacturer, device name and MacAddress. So you can track down the unwanted connected devices and can remove them from your network.


Fing is yet another useful Network scanner app which is available for iOS devices. If you are using an iOS device, then this free app will be a helpful tool to know if someone is stealing your WiFi network without your permission. The app shows you all the useful data such as IP Address, Mac Address, device name and manufacturer name. You can easily figure out the devices by setting up this app to your iOS device.

These are the applications and tools which you can use either on your PC or on your Smartphone to see the connected devices to your WiFi network.

Method 2 : By checking your WiFi Router

If you start getting low speed on your WiFi network and suspect that if someone is stealing your connection, you need to quickly visit your Router’s Administrator’s login page. This way you can check out the connected devices and can secure your WiFi router by replacing the existing password with a strong one. Different routers have different address to enter into the Administrative pages. However, most of the routers have “” or “” address to log in.

Once you have entered into the login area of your WiFi Router. Navigate to MAC section i.e. Media Access Control where you could see all the connected devices with your WiFi network. You can count the number of devices connected to your WiFi router and this way you can easily figure out the unwanted networks that are connected to your WiFi router.

Method 3 : See your WiFi blinkers

Every WiFi router has a number of ports and lights which indicates different things related to your WiFi router. The lights indicates your Internet connectivity, hardwired network connections and other wireless activity. You can turned down all the connected devices to your Router and see if the light is still blinking. This way you can find out the unwanted devices connected to your Router.

These all are the ways with which you can see if someone is stealing your WiFi network and its bandwidth. Even if you have a secured WiFi network with strong password, you have to keep the security of your Router to WPA2-AES encryption and go through other essential things to secure your network.

What’s your take on this? Did you find out the above tips helpful? Do you know any other way to check for unknown connected devices to your network? If yes, then don’t forget to let us know in the comments section given below this post. For more updates, stay tuned with us.