Knack II – The Play Station Exclusive is actually good to play!


The Knack II game has been pretty appealing and it is hard to believe given how the Knack I has gone. This PlayStation 4 game is a running sequel of Knack I, that no one wanted. The Knack II indeed is a follow up to the PS4 game and is now a testament to the iteration value. The game has been announced this week and given how it is designed, it almost wipes all the faults and bugs by the previous game.

Knack I, the first game has been released in 2013 which was tedious even when pretty to play. It was that one brawl after the next game, it got stretched into more than nearly 12 worlds. The Knack I is not very clever and with the little game play designed with titular characters, it turned out to be just a swirl of many artifacts. Occasionally, the Knack I would shrink and go through smaller packages when we go on the journey of collecting artifacts.

Once in a while, we can see the outer shell of Knack which is made of wood but other than that, we just go through punching enemies while we keep ourselves alive. After four years, the new game has been transformed into a full level combat game with arsenal moves, flurry moves, power shots and more. You can also notice an upgrade tree of 34 nodes that allows you to dodge, speed up, weaponize and what not!