JDI shows a new transparent glass fingerprint scanner

By | January 24, 2018

Fingerprint Sensor or Fingerprint Scanner is not a new concept when it comes to smartphones. Different smartphone manufacturers have placed the Fingerprint Scanner at different sides of the phone. But today, Japanese based company, Japan Display Inc. known as JDI has showed off a new transparent glass Fingerprint Scanner. Yes, the company has taken the Fingerprint’s concept to new level by introducing world’s first transparent glass Fingerprint Scanner which could be equipped on future phones. 

Recently, Vivo has introduced its new Vivo X20 Plus UD smartphone. This phone is going to come with in-display Fingerprint Scanner on the device. It will be the first smartphone to come with Fingerprint Scanner under the display at the front panel.

JDI is known as one of the best displays makers in the world, but today, they have chosen something different and announced the glass-based transparent fingerprint scanner. The company says it is basically a physical transparent reader.

In the future, this glass-based transparent fingerprint scanner could easily replace silicon sensors which is used in the current smartphones as physical Fingerprint Scanner. The same concept is being used in the PCs and Laptops which come with Fingerprint Scanner.

Unlike the Vivo X20 Plus UD’s under-display Fingerprint Scanner, this JDI’s Fingerprint Scanner uses different technology and it doesn’t have to be placed behind the display like synaptics sensor used on Vivo X20 Plus UD.

Synaptics Fingerprint Scanner requires an OLED display to work, however this JDI’s transparent Fingerprint Scanner could work on an LCD display as well. This feature makes this Fingerprint Scanner more accessible and reliable compare to other Fingerprint Scanners available. These transparent Fingerprint Scanner could be used in the mid-range or low-end entry level smartphones in the future.

The new Fingerprint Scanners from JDI use company’s own Pixel Eyes technology. This technology allows the Scanner to work on LCD panels as well. The company has also improved the sensitivity available on the displays which can detect the ridges of your fingerprints to detect and to authenticate the right user whenever you try to use it on a particular device. The Fingerprint Scanner by JDI is built on glass substrate which makes it transparent.

As you know, new Transparent Fingerprint Scanner of JDI are built with company’s own Pixel Eyes Technology it directly integrates into the glass substrate and this is how it can perform on the display. Unlike Silicon based Fingerprint Scanner, this will work right on the display and it doesn’t need to be placed underneath the display of your device.

JDI’s new Transparent Fingerprint Scanner measures 8 x 8mm (160 x 160px, 508dpi). Talking about the availability, this new generation Fingerprint Scanner to hit the commercial market by the March month from next year. So it will take about one more year to establish well. The company will keep working on the Scanner to make it more reliable for the users.

Apart from this, JDI will release all types of sensors in the future for small and big screens. Additionally, the company has also shared some information regarding their future ventures. According to JDI, they will also come up with Flexible Fingerprint Sensors in the future. For now, we could only hope this Transparent Fingerprint Sensor to come in the real digital market.

So folks, that’s all about the new generation Transparent Fingerprint Scanner by JDI. The technology and innovations will always amaze us in the future and we will be blessed with more such innovations to explore within our hands through future smartphones.

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