A Japanese company is suing Apple over ‘Animoji’ trademark on the iPhone X


Apple has surprised everyone by launching the new iPhones with a set of advance features. The new iPhone X carries Face ID feature which recognises your Facial Expressions and works accordingly. Apart from this, the company has also pushed a bunch of new Animojis to work with Face ID feature. Recently, a Japanese Company sued Apple over ‘Animoji’ trademark. 

Apple owned the Animoji Trademark in the US and the Japanese company is suing Apple to use this particular word in the trademark.

Tokyo based Japanese company, Emonster has officially filed the suit in US Federal court. The same company owns an iOS app called Animoji which was launched in the year 2014. However, Apple didn’t care about this simple thing and they have got the Animoji Trademark which is actually a Japanese based company with their own Application.

According to this app, people will be able to send emojis with animated look in terms of GIFs. So you can send a particular emoji by choosing the right GIF and this feature will work till you see the emoji in your iOS device. The app costs $0.99 and you will be able to install it from the App Store and iTunes as per your choice. The app is described as “fast, free and easy-to-use tool to animate your text and email messages.”

If we talk about the original Animojis which were introduced during the launch event of the new iPhone X, the Animoji feature is fairy new to Apple as the company has introduced the Face ID feature for the first time starting with the new iPhone X smartphone which is yet to be available in the market. This feature lets user choose a particular Emoji and it will turn this emoji into real life expression as per your choice. You can keep the emoji moving with your expressions.

According to the official suit papers or we can say complaint, Apple was aware about the Emonster’s ownership of the actual Animoji application which was available on the iTunes from the year 2014. Apple has also tried to purchase the Trademark from the officials, however they have fairy denied the trademark deal at that time and Apple has used the same trademark without their permission or the official agreement which is something uninteresting to the Emonsters.

The Emonsters have owned the trademark of this from the year 2015 and as per the reports, Apple has also filed the petition against the ownership of the Animoji trademark. In the petition, Apple has wrote that the Emonster registered the trademark to a nonexistent business and for that reason, there is no any ownership on the trademark ‘Animoji’.

According to the complaint, “Instead of using the creativity on which Apple developed its worldwide reputation, Apple simply plucked the name from a developer on its own App Store.”

“Apple could have changed its desired name prior to its announcement when it realized Plaintiffs already used ANIMOJI for their own product. Yet Apple made the conscious decision to try to pilfer the name for itself — regardless of the consequences.”

We will discuss more about this case in the coming days as there will be more information coming in the future regarding this new Animoji Trademark matter as it is owned by the giant, Apple itself. Stay tuned with us for more such useful updates in the coming days.