How to jailbreak Microsoft Surface RT


Until the release of Microsoft Surface RT tablet jailbreak is term only used for the iOS devices and now this Microsoft tablet share the same word for same work. Jailbreaking will allow you to install third party apps available outside the market, similar to cydia apps for iPhone. This will definitely help Microsoft to increase their sales and have more conversation going about the device at web forums and blogs. If you are a Microsoft Surface RT user then here is how to jailbreak it.


 How to jailbreak Microsoft Surface RT

Before you begin, please note the two points,

  • This doesn’t void the warranty of your device as other Android and iOS devices, because jailbreaking goes away each time you reboot the device.
  • Make sure the battery is more than 70%.
  • Download RT jailbreak tool from here

Here starts the process of jailbreaking

  • Place the downloaded jailbreak tool on your PC desktop
  • Extract the files from archive on to your desktop
  • Connect your Surface RT tablet to the PC using USB cable
  • Copy all the files you have extracted to the storage of your device
  • After copying the files disconnect the device from the PC
  • Now on your device run the batch file with name runExploit.bat from the files you have just copied
  • Agree the terms and conditions displayed on the screen
  • Now sign-in with your existing Microsoft account
  • Then it will ask you to press if you want to continue, just press it
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions

That’s it, your device successfully jailbroken now and now it is compatible with the third party apps available outside the market. Since Surface RT runs on ARM processor and most of the Windows programs are written for non-ARM devices, many of the apps will not run on RT tablet. But jailbreaking lets you to install non market ARM programs.