iTunes accepting donations for Hurricane Harvey relief


The soaked metro of Houston and other towns in the South east Texas has braced the rainfall and the floods of the Tropical Storm, this Sunday. Named as Harvey, the floods got stalled on the land, with anxious residents and drenched searchers. An emergency has been caused in the Houston area because of these floods. Around 4 inches of rainfall has been reported in the Houston region just in an hour time.

“Stay put,” the National Weather Service said.
“It’s going to last four to five days,” said Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, who urged drivers to stay off the road. “This is Day One.”

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The damage toll has been waking with every hour and it is even slamming the Texas, from the past two days. As a result, Apple is now accepting funds from people through iTunes to support the Red Cross relief efforts, America. Around 5 people have died and 14 people got injured after the storm landed. The Rescue efforts of the Harvey Hurricane are underway in the area between the Houston and Corpus Christi, the waters get to dangerous levels and the death toll is also increasing. Therefore Apple has posted many results on the iTunes soliciting and asking for donations to help these people.